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Oakland Unified School District

Alcohol Tobacco & Drug Intervention


To support student success by providing education about the social, physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of drug use and transformational life skills coaching that connects them to their strengths, passions, and meaningful engagement in academics, life, and career. 


We believe all young people can thrive in life and at school and will lead us towards community healing and social justice.

What is TUPE?

TUPE is a strengths-based, client-centered, healing-informed approach to school-based drug and alcohol education, intervention, and prevention. We amplify trusting and supportive relationships, student voices, and holistic mental health and healing practices to foster safe and sober campuses.

We provide Tier 1 prevention education and Tier 2 intervention and coaching services. Tier 3 students will be connected to outside resources.

The TUPE program is a community health response to students at-risk of using tobacco and marijuana, providing support and opportunities for students to heal. In partnership with sites, the TUPE program works to foster a positive school climate and eliminate racially disproportionate discipline practices, increase attendance and graduation rates, and lower rates of suspension and expulsion. We are based throughout OUSD middle and high schools.

Services Offered


  • Professional development to support teacher engagement with referrals, teaching students who struggle with drug use, designing lessons about drugs, and coordinating peer education programs
  • Collaboration with pathway teachers to design education and prevention efforts that teach students drug education, holistic health practices, how race, law, and politics influence rates of incarceration and exploitation of youth
  • Facilitating youth development activities and developing students as Peer Educators
  • Administering the Cal-SCHLS Healthy Student Surveys (CHKS) to understand district-wide trends in drug use, health, and well-being


  • Drug & Health Education combined with Behavioral Coaching to be drug-free
  • Student life skills coaching to develop mindsets and behaviors that support their relationships with peers, parents, and teachers
  • Peer Leadership programs provide young people with an opportunity to create real change in their communities and gain transferable lifelong skills
  • Supporting young people with their senior capstone projects, internship activities, media content, and conducting circle process discussions


  • Parent drug education workshops
  • Strengths-based coaching for families to support them and their children

For more information on services offered by TUPE, or to refer a student, please contact:

Community Schools Student Services 
1011 Union Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (510) 879-3657


Funded by Prop 99 tax on cigarette packs as coordinated by the CA Department of Education