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Oakland Unified School District

About Us

Our Vision

OACE strives to be the resource for positive and continuous growth, enabling adult students to become contributing workers, lifelong learners, global citizens and full participants in their diverse communities.

Our Mission

OACE provides high-quality foundational, instructional skill programs to Oakland adults and their families in order for them to succeed in education, work and life.

Student Learning Outcomes

OACE students will achieve work, life and academic skills including foundational skills in English, math and technology: 

  • To become college and career ready, 
  • To support their family’s academic progress,
  • To become fully participating members of their community

For additional information about programs for Oakland Adult & Career Education please Click Here.

Contact Us

2607 Myrtle Street
Room 122
Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (510) 879-1400
Fax: (510) 627-9400


Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 3:00pm


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