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Oakland Unified School District

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Important Information for Community financially impacted by COVID-19

Resources for Families

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Emergency Fund Relief and Cash Assistance



Protection Against Eviction

Immigration Rights During COVID-19

Translation and Interpretation

Eviction Moratorium "Brief" Guide

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What you need to know about Public Charge

Please see the multilingual flyers below.

This information is intended to be a resource for families; it is not legal advice.

Make a Plan:

  • You can take important steps now to prepare for an emergency situation. Make sure you have provided the most up-to-date information on your schools' emergency card, including multiple adults that could potentially pick a child up from school.
  • In addition, review a sample Family Preparedness Plan (from Immigrant Legal Resource Center) and use to create your own: English, Spanish, Chinese.

Know Your Rights:

  • Do not answer questions without a lawyer: If you are undocumented, have a pending immigration case in court, or are being questioned about a person in such a situation, you should give your true and correct name but should not answer any other questions.
  • Do not open the door unless the officer/agent shows you a warrant: You do not have to open the door for an immigration agent unless they slip an arrest warrant that has your name or is signed by a judge or magistrate under the door. If you are detained, you will be allowed to make a phone call so memorize a number you can call.
  • Keep a Red Card with you: Regardless of immigration status, all people have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. Print red cards from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and use the guidance on them to assert your rights in situations such as if ICE agents go to your home.


Know Your Rights


ICE Hotline:


ICE Contact Information

Overview of ICE Protocol

This overview of the ICE Protocol for OUSD schools helps families understand the plan in case of ICE activity at schools, or in the neighborhood nearby. In addition, the overview summarizes ways for families to stay safe.

Newcomer Fast Facts


Newcomer Fast Facts


Expert Advice & Resources for Undocumented College Students

Learn more about tuition and enrollment policies, financial aid and scholarships, and get expert advice on how to overcome legal and financial barriers in this Guide for Undocumented College Students from Affordable Colleges Online.

 Community Based Partners


Community Partners


The following organizations support OUSD's work as a Sanctuary District and help support our families in countless ways:


Legal Resource Guides:

Mental Health Information

Know Your Rights: Printable Documents