• Use Megan’s Law website to help protect your children from potential child abuse and abduction.

    As part of our continuing effort to partner with the community in support of student safety, OUSD recommends that parents and guardians visit the “Megan’s Law” website to familiarize themselves with potential threats to child safety.

    Specifically, the Megan’s law website: www.meganslaw.ca.gov contains names, descriptions and photographs of registered sex offenders, along with the crimes they committed.

    You can search the database several ways:

    • by a sex offender’s name
    • by entering a street address, city name or zip code
    • by entering a school or park name

    These searches will reveal the identities of sex offenders near the area in question. We ask that this information be used for informational and preparatory purposes only. Please do not confront registered sex offenders identified on the database; contact Oakland School Police at 510.874.7777 if you have questions or concerns about sex offenders near your home or child’s school, or if you do not have the Internet access required to access the Megan’s law website.

    Additional Tips to Keep Kids Safe

    Your children should know:

    • not to speak to strangers to avoid people who call/wave them over from a car
    • not to go with an adult who says a parent or caretaker needs them somewhere else unless a mom, dad or guardian has already told them it’s okay to yell “This is not my father/mother!” if someone tries to take them away
    • not to let anyone touch them in the parts of their body that their bathing suit covers
    • not to let anyone take their picture outside of school unless mom, dad, or a guardian has told them it’s okay.