• Safety

    Accidents, Injuries, Medical and Hospital Services, Insurance
    If an accident occurs at school, first aid for minor injuries will be provided and parents notified. In cases requiring an ambulance, effort will be made first to contact the parent named on your child’s emergency card. The District typically does not provide medical or hospital services or insurance for accidents or injuries to students injured at school or during school-sponsored trips or activities. We encourage parents to purchase optional student accident insurance.

    Disaster Plan
    If a disaster occurs during school hours, school will not be dismissed without the express approval of the Superintendent or his designee. Students will remain under the supervision of school authorities until released to parents or their pre-authorized representative. Check with the principal for details about your school’s disaster plan. Please become familiar with the plan and discuss with your child how you will connect after a major earthquake or other disaster.

    Parents are also asked to complete the annual Emergency Card and Student Earthquake/Disaster Form. Children will be released only to individuals listed on the Emergency Card and/or the Student Earthquake/Disaster Form. It is absolutely imperative that the Emergency Card and Earthquake/Disaster Form at school be kept current and accurate. Please be sure to update the information during the school year if your place of work, phone number, or home address changes. You can pick up a card in your school office.

    Fire and Earthquake Safety
    Telephone systems quickly become overloaded in an emergency, so please do not try to phone the school in the case of an emergency. Instead, come to school or send a person listed on your Emergency Card to pick up your child. Check your local radio and television stations for information during local disasters and emergencies.

    Fire and earthquake drills are held regularly by all schools. Please encourage your child to practice these drills responsibly and to follow all procedures required by school officials.

    Child Custody Court Orders/Restraining Orders
    District staff will comply with child custody and restraining orders as long as they do not conflict with state or federal Education Code requirements or other statutory duties imposed on the District. Please submit or mail complete copies of the orders to the school sites and/or child-care centers of each child named in the court order; and Oakland Unified School District, Office of the General Counsel, 1025 Second Avenue, Room 406, Oakland, CA 94606. Parents should confirm receipt by staff.

    Special Needs Students
    Special needs students should have a back-up of vital medication, equipment, or supplies with them or at their schools. Those students or their teachers should be prepared to bring the extra medication or supplies if evacuation from the school premises is ordered. Students should have in their possession an individual Emergency Card describing their special needs. The cards should list information such as: disability, medications and their application frequencies, mobility constraints, attendant needs, allergies, and primary physician.

    Visually impaired or blind students should have an extra cane at school even if they have a Seeing Eye Dog.

    Sex Offender Notification
    The District works with local law enforcement agencies regarding receiving and communicating information about registered sex offenders residing within the District boundaries. Parents can contact law enforcement agencies directly for additional information. Parents may also call the District’s Police Services at 874-7777.