Student Vision



    Sankofa Academy Scholars will demonstrate mastery of gradelevel and core curriculum standards. Students will have a strong foundation of grammar, essay form, criticalthinking skills, and self-esteem. Students will leave our school prepared to be college-bound.  Students will meet IEP goals.



    Students will be empowered to master literacy, numeracy,science, social studies, and technology. They will know how to structure a well-written essay, how to solveelementary geometry, the process for developing a theory, and steps todeveloping an experiment.  Studentswill have vocational and life skills. 



    Students will be Respectful Individuals, ResponsibleLeaders, and Reflective Achievers. They will leave with a strong sense of self, and they will know they canimpact the world and are capable of achieving their dreams.



    Students will be critical thinkers and social changeagents.  Our Youth Leaders willbecome adults that are globally engaged. Students will be civic-minded and walk the path of social justice.  They will be leaders and allies of thecommunity.  Students will know andrespect the community, and they will be active participants in making the worlda better place.  Our students willbe locally and globally connected. 



    By aligning achievement, our guiding principles, mission,vision, and strategic partnerships, we will build a full-service communityschool that provides a dense network of support and serves the wholechild.  Our school will build andprovide a strong sense of community.  

Last Modified on October 29, 2012