• Sankofa Academy School-Wide Procedures


    (You can also download these procedures as a Word file here.)

    Community Circle

    1.    When you hear the bell (inside the building) or the whistle (outside), “Circle up” (STOP what you are doing and GO directly to the circle).  Hand any play equipment to an adult.

    2.    Stand in your assigned area with your teacher or advisor

    3.    Be quiet when someone is speaking to the Circle

    4.    Participate in the chant

    5.    When Community Circle is over, WALK directly to your line



    1.    If you are getting school lunch, line up in the food area. If you are not getting school lunch, go directly to a table and sit down.

    2.    Remain seated until you are dismissed.

    3.    Use quiet voices to speak to students around you.

    4.    Ask an adult before leaving the cafeteria.



    1.    Play in your assigned area only. Do not interrupt the Physical Education class.

    2.    Use the play equipment (balls, jumpropes, etc.) carefully and as designed.

    3.    Slide DOWN the slide feet first, one at a time.

    4.    Ask your teacher or yard supervisor before you go to the bathroom (use the first floor bathrooms only).

    5.    When the whistle blows, STOP what you are doing and WALK directly to your line



    1.    Walk in a quiet line to the auditorium.

    2.    Sit down in the area assigned by your teacher or advisor. Do not skip seats.

    3.    Sit facing forward with your feet on the floor.

    4.    Be silent during the presentation.

    5.    Listen attentively.

    6.    Applaud when the presentation is done.

    7.    Wait for dismissal instructions from your teacher.


    Fire Drill

    1.    Line up at the door and wait for teacher instructions. If you are with your class outside, line up with your teacher and wait for instructions. If you are at lunch recess, go to the far fence and wait for your teacher.

    2.    Walk silently out of the school and to the back fence on the yard.

    3.    Stay in your line until you receive directions from your teacher. Do not interact with students in other classes.

    4.    When your teacher is given the all clear, walk silently in your line back into the building.



    1.    Walk.

    2.    Use quiet voices – other classes are learning!

    3.    Hold sports equipment.

    4.    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    5.    Go directly to your classroom.

    6.    Walk on the right side of the stairs.

    7.    Have a pass when in the hall during class time.



    1.    Have a blue pass.

    2.    Walk to the counter.

    3.    Say “Excuse me,” and respectfully ask an adult for what you need.

    4.    Go directly back to class when your business in the office is done.



    1.    If you have your referral sheet, sit down and complete the reflection silently in the office

    2.    If you do not have a referral sheet, get a blank one from the counter. Sit down and complete the reflection silently.

    3.    If you need something (pencil, clipboard), raise your hand silently.

    4.    When you are done, raise your hand silently.

    5.    If you have to wait for an adult to process your referral, you may raise your hand and ask for a book to read silently.



    1.    Have a red pass.

    2.    Walk to the bathroom.

    3.    Only one person per stall.

    4.    Use the bathroom.

    5.    Wash your hands.

    6.    Go directly back to class.



    1.    Wait to be walked out by your teacher.

    2.    If you are in Extended Day, go directly to your assigned program area.

    3.    If you are not in Extended Day, go directly out the front door. You may wait to be picked up on the front stairs.

    4.    If you need to use the phone, wait 15 minutes (your ride will probably arrive).

    5.    Go home.


    Extended Day Procedures

    1.    Go directly to your assigned program area.

    2.    Stay with your Extended Day adult. 

    3.    Participate in Extended Day activities.

    4.    Have a pass to use restroom or go to office.

    5.    Sign out when you leave before 6:00 pm.