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    "Our great public libraries and their counterparts in schools, prisons, colleges and hospitals are founded on a powerful idea--the idea of equality and democracy, of universal empowerment for working people.... A modern library is the Common Room at the heart of its community, supporting learning, health and well-being, helping people get online, use Council services. It brings people together of all ages and faiths, helps overcome loneliness and social isolation in every town, city and village the length and breadth of our nation.... How a civilized nation treats its libraries is a barometer of how it values its citizens." --Nick Poole, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals

    Amy Cheney District Library Manager
    2015-2020 (Laid off) 
    Former District Librarians for OUSD: 
    Ann Gallagher 2007 - 2015 (Retired) 
    Becca Todd 2005 - 2007
    Joyce Anderson 1999? - 2005
    Joyce Schwartz 

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