Technology Services Authorization Forms

    Below are the authorization forms needed to give staff additional rights to OUSD applications or to reserve our Training Lab or carts. Click the form title, then type in your information following the directions provided. Once you have completed the" online form, please, route it to your principal or manager for approval. Once approved, your request is automatically sent to Technology Services for processing.  A help desk ticket is created for each form and you will be sent a confirmation of your completed request.
    Please make sure you read the instructions included on the form before you begin. Staff and Consultants must submit an Aeries form before Aeries access can be granted. 
    Teachers do not need to fill out these formsIf you are a teacher who is new to the District, your network and Google account will be active as soon as you have been onboarded.  Look for an email sent to your personal account with your initial password.  Your Aeries Teacher account (to take attendance, etc) will be active as soon as your School Office has assigned you to a class and students have been added. Use the Sign in with Google option to log in to Aeries.
    Clerical Substitutes should complete an Aeries form only if they are NEW to OUSD.  Clerical Substitutes must contact Shelia White for a brief orientation of how the substitute process works, Aeries, and other training you may need, and to establish a good working relationship.
    Staff Only - Aeries Authorization Form (Combined Summer School Aeries Form)
    Consultant - Aeries Consultant Authorization Form (Combined Summer School Aeries Form) 
    Consultant application must be approved by an OUSD manager or supervisor before access can be given.
    Non-Aeries Forms
    Computer Equipment Warehouse Pick-Up Request - Complete, download, and email this form to the warehouse staff listed.
    Freadom Cards (OPC) - Complete only if cards are lost or in need of replacement cards.
    If you need additional assistance, please submit a helpdesk ticket -  helpdesk@ousd.org.
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