• Welcome To The Substitute Office
     1000 Broadway, Suite 294 - Oakland, 94607
    Over 250 Substitute employees report for work at OUSD every day in many roles, and play a critical role in keeping the wheels turning and each child's education on track.  
    About Guest Teaching 
    DID YOU KNOW?... statistics indicate that one full year of instruction in every student's kindergarten through twelfth grade education will be provided by a guest (substitute) teacher.  Guest teachers play a critical role in maintaining the continuity of instruction for students, and OUSD is always looking for qualified and interested candidates
    Guest teaching can furnish an excellent means of exploring the teaching field as a career, offering opportunities for hands-on experience with a variety of classrooms and student populations.  
    What are the qualifications to be a Guest Teacher?
    Everyone applying for employment with OUSD must pass a background check, demonstrate good health and furnish evidence of residency that establishes legal employability.  Additionally for this position, you must posses:
    • Official transcript of Bachelor's degree (must be in issuing schools' original sealed envelope)
    • Passing CBEST score or ONE Qualifying Examination
    • Pass background check (cost to you for fingerprinting will be in the range of $52.00 - $69.00 depending on whether your credential is already in process) -  

      IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BACKGROUND CHECK- if you have already been fingerprinted for the Alameda County Consortium you don't need to be printed again to start subbing for OUSD!


    • Pass reference check (two letters of reference)
    • Tuberculosis clearance within the past 60 days
    • Eligibility for Guest teacher permit
    • Original Social security card (copies not accepted)
    • Driver's License (State issued ID card, Permanent residency card or Passport
    Do I need a credential to Guest Teach?
    Yes, but with the qualifications above you will qualify for the 30-day Substitute Permit, which is the "sub credential".  This is a certificate from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that will allow you to teach in classrooms but limits you to no more than 30 days of service in any single classroom a year (and 20 days of service for Special Education classrooms).
     About Non-Teaching (Classified) Substitute Opportunities
    What other kinds of non-teaching substitute positions does OUSD offer?
    The district needs substitute staff in a number of classified positions daily:  School Security Officers, Custodians, Food Service Assistants, Instructional Support staff(including Special Education classroom support), and Clerical substitutes to fill roles such as Secretary, Attendance Clerk, and Administrative Assistant.
    What are the Qualifications for Classified Substitute positions? 
    In order to qualify for Classified substitute positions, you need to pass a background check, demonstrate good health and furnish proof of graduation from high school.  There may be additional assessments required to demonstrate adequate clerical skill for some assignments. 
    Getting Hired as a Guest Teacher or Classified Substitute 
    How do I apply to become a Substitute employee with OUSD?
    We regularly schedule hiring events at the district downtown offices and at other locations throughout the city.  These are the only opportunities to apply for all sub positions (except School Security Officers, who apply directly through EDJOIN and are called for interviews).  
    The Substitute Office regularly holds job fairs where interested candidates can learn more about substitute service and apply for both certificated and classified substitute positions.  We will update this space and post alerts in other places on the OUSD site as these events are scheduled for the 2018-19 school year.  
    How do I prepare for a Hiring Event?
    Candidates for Classified positions:  
    • Come prepared to complete an application and be interviewed on the spot.  
    • If your interview is successful, you will be given instructions on how to get fingerprinted for your background check
    • when your background check clears, you will be called back to complete your hiring processing. 
    Candidates for Certificated positions:
    • Complete an online application (Apply Here) for K12 Sub teacher. 
    • Please bring official transcripts documenting your BA degree (no diplomas) in a sealed envelope.
    • Bring documentation of your CBEST passing scores.  
      To find out more about taking the CBEST www.ctcexams.nesinc.com; 800-262-5080; (916) 928-4001
    • Your Social Security card (no copies, must be original card)
    • 2 letters of recommendation

    Substitute Teaching Candidates who interview successfully are invited back the following day for a mandatory orientation. 

    How do I prepare for an Orientation?
    Once you have been interviewed and selected, you will be asked to attend a substitute orientation. During this orientation, we will discuss expectations and policies for substitutes and tools for finding jobs as a substitute. In advance of this meeting, you will need to bring an identification card, official transcripts in a sealed envelope, your resume, and a social security card. Guest teachers must also bring proof of passing CBEST or CSET. During the orientation you will receive instructions on how and where to get fingerprinted and also to submit a negative TB test. For more information, please see our checklist for certificated and classified substitutes here.
    If you have been interviewed and selected, please contact the Substitute Office for the next scheduled orientation. 
    Current Substitutes 
    Additionally, please explore the links below for support resources for OUSD Substitutes!