• Planning Ahead

    High school can be a real scary place. That is true if you don't know what it can do for you. Some see school as a torturous place where you have to be at for six hours instead of being on the internet or playing video games with your friends. Truth is, we are here to help you. In the four years you are at Fremont, we will help you build character, strong work  habits, and most importantly, we will help you keep up with your transcript, which will help you when you apply for college to chose something you love to do. There is an saying that goes "do something you love for a living, and you will never work a day in your life."

    You might say that you want to enjoy being young, and you will, there is plenty of time for that if you plan accordingly. Here are some things you can do Freshman year to help you sail smoothly the rest of the time you spend with us.
    • Meet your Teachers

      We don't mean know their name and where their rooms are, but really, get to know who is each and everyone of your teachers. Why they decided to teach here in Oakland? How long they have been teaching? Do they have pets? Do they have any hobbies? Having a good relationship with your teachers will help you down the road when you need a letter of recommendation for a scholarship or college application.

    • Do as much class work and homework as you can

      This is also true for everything else, including when you have a real job. Of course we can ask you to do all your work, but we understand that sometimes doing all your work is not possible; we all have drama and even family issues, so when you sit down to do some homework try all the problems, make a guess and answer as many questions as you can, read as many pages as you can, and if you get stuck Don't hesitate to ask your teacher or an adult for extra help

    • Ask for help!

      A good teacher will never take away points or give you a lower grade for asking for help. What is true however, is you have to ask for help when it is appropriate. For big projects or homework, a good time to check with a teacher is during lunch and right after school. In class you can ask when your teacher is done explaining the assignment. All your teachers went to college, so if your history teacher can't help you with his/her assignment, ask another teacher with whom you have built trust, they would be more than happy to help. The lesson here is that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease."
Last Modified on January 22, 2012