Facilities Main Office

  • Facilities Planning & Management
    955 High St.
    Oakland, CA 94601


    7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Monday – Friday


    Main Office: 510-535-2728
    Work Control Desk: 510-535-2718


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  • Maintenance Operations

    Priority 1
    (Health & Safety Emergencies)
    Customer Service 510-535-2718
    7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mon.– Fri.
    After-Hours Emergencies
    Buildings & Grounds 510-277-7284
    Custodial Services 510-990-2302 
    Priority 2 and 3
    All Clerical Staff (Schools & District) must submit all Priority 2 & 3 Non-Emergency Work Order Requests through the Employee Intranet Facilities Work Order System.
    Priority 4 requests
    (Beautification Projects)
    i. Complete Work Order Prioritization Requests Form to submit your requests to Buildings & Grounds and we will schedule a FREE consultation regarding your request

    ii. All Priority 4 requests must be approved by the Chief Operations Officer prior to implementing these requests

    iii. Priority 4 requests will only be implemented in the Summer between June-August

Division of Facilities Planning & Management

Management Team
Name Position Email Phone
Tadashi Nakadegawa Director of Facilities, Construction Tadashi.Nakadegawa@ousd.org (510) 535-7038
Kenya Chatman Acting Director of Facilities, Construction kenya.chatman@ousd.org (510) 535-7050
David Colbert Acting Director of Facilities, Construction david.colbert2@ousd.org (510) 535-7060
Linda Nieves-Thurau Acting Executive Assistant linda.nieves@ousd.org (510) 535-7095
Marc White Director of Buildings and Grounds marc.white@ousd.org (510) 535-2717
Angelica Ochoa Administrative Assistant III Angelica.ochoa@ousd.org (510) 535-2725
Roland Broach Executive Director of Custodial Services roland.broach@ousd.org (510) 434-2202
Kechette Walls Office Manager, Custodial Services ketchette.walls@ousd.org (510) 434-2202
Cynthia Harding Facility Use Analyst (Civic Center) cynthia.harding@ousd.org (510) 433-3352