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    The Facilities Planning & Management Department oversees the capital improvement program, funded by bond measures that include Measure B at $65 million and Measure J at $475 million.


    The primary goal is to improve the quality of Oakland schools and school facilities to prepare students for college and jobs, to upgrade science labs, classrooms, computers and technology, improve student safety and security, repair bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing and sewer lines, improve energy efficiency and earthquake safety as well as modernization, new construction, improvements, upgrades, and replacement projects. In addition, our mainteance and custodial teams provides a clean and safe environment that is conducive to learning for our students. 


    Facilities Division manages over 100 buildings, 680 portables, totaling 5,841,891 square feet. We are responsible for the maintenance of playgrounds, gardens, and athletic fields and courts. On average, our maintenance operations addresses and responds to over 20,000 work orders per year.


    Building a Positive Learning Environment!


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  • General Information:

    Maintenance Operations
    Priority 1
    (Health & Safety Emergencies)
    Customer Service 510-535-2718
    7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mon.– Fri.
    After-Hours Emergencies
    Buildings & Grounds 510-277-7284
    Custodial Services 510-990-2302 
    Priority 2 and 3
    All Clerical Staff (Schools & District) must submit all Priority 2 & 3 Non-Emergency Work Order Requests through the Employee Intranet Facilities Work Order System.
    Priority 4 requests
    (Beautification Projects)
    i. Complete Work Order Prioritization Requests Form to submit your requests to Buildings & Grounds and we will schedule a FREE consultation regarding your request

    ii. All Priority 4 requests must be approved by the Chief Operations Officer prior to implementing these requests

    iii. Priority 4 requests will only be implemented in the Summer between June-August