Athletic Study Hall

    This program is mandatory for participating athletes. Students meet twice a week to receive academic support and


    Bike Club

    Meet fellow cyclists while learning bicycle safety, mountain bike racing techniques and get introduced to bicyclemaintenance, while having fun outdoors.


    Driver Ed

    Students who are 15 ½ or older will receive instructional hours through an online course to receive their pink slip needed to obtain a CA Driver’s License.


    Dual Enrollment: Ethnic Studies

    Through the dual enrollment program with the Peralta Colleges, the Youth Center is able to host Ethnic Studies
    classes for students that focus on current political issues, social justice movements from their past and their community today, and white privilege while having an emphasis on visual arts.



    The Freshman Retaining and Expanding Scholarly Habits program is an after-school program that supports 9th graders in passing their classes with a C or higher, and helps them have a success first year of high school.


    Latina's Girls Group

    Through different activities, games and workshops and discussions, Latina girls can learn how to build community, self-
    esteem, and explore what it means to be a women.


    OLOP Internship

    This program is offered to all Skyline students. Students intern for the OLOP Youth Center and engage in community building within the after-school program, while participating in resume and cover letter building & searching for an internship placement for the Spring Semester.


    Open Library

    The library is open daily before school for any student who needs a space to study, finish assignments or utilize the computers.


    Parent Academy

    The 3rd Thursday| 9:30AM -- 11:30AM

    Youth Center Monthly workshops offered to all Skyline High School parents that are interested in learning how to navigate their student’s educational journeys.


    Poly Club

    Students learn different dances, traditions and history of the different Polynesian Islands. Students create a show for their annual performance.


    SAT Prep Course

    For 11th and 12th grade students who would like additional support in preparing for the SAT. Students participate in a
    4-session SAT preparation course. Applications are available in the Youth Center.


    Workshop Wednesday’s

    The OLOP Youth Center offers academic enrichment, “do it yourself”, cultural and self-awareness workshops every
    Wednesday throughout the year. These workshops are open to all students.<


    Youth Together

    The Core Team members are involved in teach-ins pertaining to relevant social justice issues, leadership development,
    campaign organizing, retreats, field trips and more!


    Reel Oakland

    Reel Oakland is an immersive and hands on after school program for inner city youth in Oakland. it provides students unique a opportunity to produce a short flim focusing on specific genres that sparks their interests such as documentary, drama, comedy, romance, etc.