Student Conduct and Expectations

Lunchtime on campus
  • A Partnership for Success


    Students will have the best opportunity for academic success if there's a strong partnership between families and the school.  Of all the factors that affect student achievement, research shows that families' expectations and support are among the most influential.  The Student & Family Handbook was developed with that in mind and will be available here soon.  At Skyline, we want and need families to support their student's learning at home, collaborate with teachers and counselors on their students's progress, have meaningful roles in school decisions, and hold us accountable to our commitment to provide a high-caliber education for every child.


    Student Expectations 

    Skyline uses the phrase “give respect, get respect” to describe expectations for interactions among all members of the school community. Please review the OUSD Parent Guide for district policies and expectations. Copies are available in the Skyline's Main Office. Along the lines of "give respect, get respect" Skyline expects students to: 

    Be on time to class every period, every day.

    • Classroom doors will be locked 5 minutes after class begins. No one without a pass will be allowed to enter.
    • Students who are locked out of class must report to Portable 80.
    • After a student receives eight tardies, students will be assigned a lunch detention. Students will receive a lunch detention for EVERY SINGLE TARDY after the 8th tardy.
    • Tardies reset to zero at the beginning of every month. Students can reset tardies to zero by attending after school detention in Portable 80, or by doing the definition assignment and turning it in to Mr. Figueroa.
    • If a student doesn't show up to lunch detention, the student will be prohibited from atending all classes until the student reports to Portable 80 to account for their missed detention.


    Be in class during class time every period, every day. 

    • Students who are found outside of class without a pass will be given an In School Suspension in Portable 80.
    • Students who leave campus without permission, will be restricted from all classes until the student reports to room 80.
    • Students arriving to campus late, must get a LATE TO SCHOOL PASS from the security officer at the front gate. This pass will allow students to get into class even during the tardy sweeps.


    Have a Skyline Student ID at all times.

    • The safety of students is paramount to Skyline and Skyline needs to be able to identify non-students that may be on campus.
    • Skyline requires all staff and students to have their picture identification badges on their person at all times.
    • The first ID badge of the school year is provided by Skyline. Every student must have his/her picture taken for their ID badge upon registration at Skyline. If this did not happen or an ID has been lost, it must be replaced in the Student Store during lunchtime.
    • Students must be able to produce their ID badges at all times while they are on campus.


    Proper use of cell phones and other electronic devices

    • Anything that interferes with the educational process will be confiscated for at least 24 hours (and possibly until the end of the school year). 
    • Cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, and all other electronic devices are expected to be turned off and out of sight during  class time (we discourage students from bringing them).  If students bring any electronic device to campus, you do so at your own risk: the school will not assist students in cases of theft or damage of these items.  No amplified music is allowed on campus without the permission of an Administrator. 
    • Cell phones should not be seen or heard. The earpiece should not be on your head or around your neck. Earpieces should not be seen or used in class. NO student is allowed to talk on a cell phone during class. A cell phone should not ring in class. Students are not allowed to go into the hall to answer phones during class time. Students not adhering to these rules will be subject to suspension and/or confiscation of the phone.


    Treat Textbooks with respect. 

    • Students are issued textbooks during the first few weeks of school.
    • Students are expected to maintain the books in good condition during the school year.
    • Students will be charged a fine for damaged or lost books and must pay the fine prior to the start of the next school year, in order to complete registration.