• English Language & Composition             Instructor: Ms. Allen

    Course Description
    AP Language and Composition explores the relationship between what authors say and how they are trying to say it. The literary component of the course provides a range of genres, including nonfiction, fiction, drama and poetry, and in the analysis of these works students are exposed to the analysis of both style-the more language-based approach to exploring meaning-and rhetoric-the analysis of author argument and structure. In terms of styles, students will explore how elements of language-such as tone, diction, and syntax-influence the overall meaning. In terms of rhetoric, students will examine various appeals, aspects of writer’s credibility, irony, and the overall use of logic to explore how effectively an author presents her/his position.
    In any aspect of analysis, students are obliged to consider what the author’s overall theme is. By understanding the purpose of a piece of writing, we recognize the elements of language as an integral too with which authoris develop their work. Writing assignments cover both the expository and argumentative aspects of writing. In addition to the exploration of American and global themes of literature, students will discern how styles of writers have evolved over the last several centuries.
    Prerequisite: Sucessful completion of English 9, 10, and 11.  Honors English 11 recommended, but not required.

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