• Behavioral Health Resources

    Oakland Community Resource Directory

    Please click here for a directory of community resources in Oakland.


    24 Hour Crisis Line

    24-hour hotline providing assistance to people experiencing emotional crisis due to anxiety or loneliness, suicidal thoughts, family or relationship difficulties, symptoms of mental illness, health concerns, abuse, and more. The 24-Hour Crisis line staff can communicate with callers in 155 languages through the interpretation assistance of Tele-Interpreters Language Service and with persons with hearing impairments through their TDD. For more information go to: http://www.crisissupport.org/get-help-now/call-us/. For immediate assistance, please call: 911 or 1-800-309-2131.


    Crisis Response Resources for Parents and Educators

    Please click on the link to download "Identifying Seriously Traumatized Children: Tips for Parents and Educators" from the OUSD School Crisis Response Handbook. This document provides guidelines for working with traumatized children, tips for helping your child after a crisis, and tips for handling a class after a traumatic situation. Additionally, it outlines the common stages of grief reaction and recovery, tips for helping a person who is grieving, and grief counseling resources.


    Crisis Response Handbook for OUSD Staff

    If you are an OUSD employee, you can find our Crisis Response Handbook on the OUSD Intranet > Emergency Procedures.

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