• Wish List


    ·       $100 for a set of chapter books for our library

    ·       $150 for a classroom set of thesauruses or dictionaries

    ·       $200 for a classroom library set of high-interest children’s books

    ·       $300 for one student’s participation in our extended day program

    ·       $300 for one student’s participation in our music program

    ·       $300 for one classroom document camera 

    ·       $500 for an experiential learning field trip to a museum or college campus for two classrooms

    ·       $1,500 for two computers for our computer literacy program

    ·       $2,000 for a set of classroom art supplies

    ·       $3,000 for a set of classroom science supplies

    ·       $5,000 for computer-based reading intervention curriculum to support students in literacy

    ·       $6,000 for a dedicated science instructor for grades K-5

    ·       $6,000 for tutors and mentors to assist students in reading and math in grades 3-5


    Initiative List


    The following are programs we currently offer at Sankofa Academy that are being threatened by deep budget cuts. If you would like to donate towards helping us save some of our unique offerings, here are some options.


    ·       Science, art, and college-based field trips:  $15,000 goal

    ·       Mentorship Program with elders and college students:  $20,000

    ·       Counseling Program for students and families:  $25,000 goal

    ·       Library Program:  $30,000 goal

    ·       Music Program:  $30,000 goal

    ·       Arts Integration Program:  40,000 goal

    ·       Extended Day Program including enrichment and targeted academic support:  $50,000 goal

    ·       Academic Intervention Program for reading and math:  $50,000

    ·       School-Family Partnership Program:  $50,000

    ·       Science Program:  $60,000 goal

    ·       Computer Literacy Program:  $60,000 goal