• The Sankofa Academy Extended Day Program is a free, comprehensive after-school program that offers students a variety of enrichment activities and academic support.

    Class Descriptions

    • Leadership Class
      Youth Development and Leadership shows that youth who participate in youth development and youth leadership experiences are more likely to do well in school, be involved in their community and transition positively through adolescence to adulthood.

    • Sports and Fitness (YMCA)
      Students in this workshop will learn the fundamentals of exercise and teamwork.  They will be participating in organized sports including flag football, soccer, tennis, and basketball, and encouraging each other in healthy living.

    • Dance, Visual Arts, and Drumming (Opera Piccola)
      Students in this workshop will be dancing, drawing, coloring, painting, and creating masterpieces.  They will also be creating craft projects like necklaces, earrings, costumes, and many more.

    • Gardening and Nutrition (Mo' Better Food)
      Students in this workshop will learn soil composition, food origins, sustainable living / eating, planting cycles, science, math, nutrition, insect life cycles and fertilizations, appropriate use of garden tools, and basic garden upkeep.  They will develop a sense of community, pride, and appreciation for their work.

    • Boys Group
      Students participating in the boys group will learn conflict resolution, peer support, and participate as a team on different projects such as: creating a portfolio, food drive, and a variety of other creative projects.  The boys group allows boys to be boys, but in a structured and positive way.

    • Girls Group (Girls, Inc. - Operation SMART)
      Students participating in the girls group will learn conflict resolution, peer support, and participate in a variety of creative projects through Math and Science-based projects.  Girls will learn basic team-building skills and be able to discuss issues that are affecting them.
    • Arts and Crafts
      Students in this workshop will explore learning through the arts as they create arts and crafts to be displayed at the school and at special events.

    • Academic Intervention
      Students participating in this workshop will receive targeted intervention in academic subjects where additional support is needed.

    • Homework Support
      Homework hour offers students time with their peers to work on their assigned homework.  Instructors are present to help students complete their assignments.  Please note that while most students do finish their homework for the day, it is not the responsibility of the extended day program to make sure all homework is complete before students leave each day.  Our responsibility is to provide a quiet workspace and academic support for students.


Last Modified on December 15, 2016