• Sankofa Students

    At Sankofa Academy, we focus on three Guiding Principles to develop and support our students.

    Sankofa Scholars are:

    • Respectful Individuals
    • Responsible Leaders
    • Reflective Achiever

    Respectful Individuals

    Our students develop their character by learning to be Respectful Individuals. We explicitly teach and model being kind and polite, appreciating others, using conflict resolution skills to solve problems, and teamwork.

    Responsible Leader
    We focus on student empowerment by showing students how to use their many skills and talents to contribute positively to their classroom, their family and their community. Through hands-on learning activities, arts-integrated lessons and projects, and opportunities to demonstrate what they know and can do, students become responsible for their own learning.

    Reflective Achievers
    At Sankofa Academy, we believe that every child can achieve at high levels when families and school staff work closely together. Teachers keep a sharp focus on the skills that are required at each grade level, and work with families and the Extended Day program to provide interventions for students who need extra help.