California Healthy Kids Surveys measure Student, Parent, & Staff perceptions of youth health, risk behavior, and resilience.

    The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is a comprehensive youth risk behavior, resilience and positive school climate data collection service available to all California local education agencies (it is also available outside of California). It consists of a modular survey instrument tied to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Youth Risk Behavior Survey and to WestEd's California Student Survey, together with a full-service survey support system. Separate elementary, middle, and high school versions are taken.

    The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is given to students throughout the state of California, in every school district. It asks students about their health, their habits, and how they feel about being at school. Since 1999, an integrated CHKS statewide representative sample has replaced both the California Student Survey and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey in California. 

    OUSD has administered the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) for over a decade. It is now our official District survey and our primary method of gathering feedback from students, staff, and parents in support of serving children. California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) questions are well aligned to our Strategic Plan and our goal to have Full-Service Community Schools in every neighborhood. Data will be used to steer the initiatives of the Strategic Plan and the development of Full-Service Community Schools. 
    July 2017 News

    We heard from our stakeholders!

    We surveyed:
    16,928 Parents/Caregivers K-12
    3433 Certificated/Classified Staff K-12
    14,783 5th thru 12th graders 
    48% of Parents!
    100% of Staff! 
    75% of Students!  
    The OUSD California Healthy Kids' Survey of 2017 took teamwork and commitment! 
    Previous Reports
    OUSD CHKS District Reports 2015-2016 

    About the 2016-17 surveys:
    • Each survey and its questions were designed specifically for OUSD's Pathway to Excellence Plan.
    • Parent Survey: unique to OUSD and appreciated by the California Department of Education.
    • Staff Survey: What are we doing right? How can we improve?
    • Student Surveys: Community Schools provide the conditions for success. Are we?
    What Questions Did We Ask of Our Stakeholders?
    Special thanks to all parents, students and our hard working staff who work together to build a powerful set of data that measures the success of our Community Schools, Thriving Students, & Continuous Improvement driven initiatives. Thank you all!
    Thank you!                              
    We want to hear what You Think!
    Data Driven Decision Making Steps:

    1. WestEd, our state partner, tallies all of the parent, student, and staff entered data and returns it to us in raw form.
    2. Our QAA staff build our reports that school leaders utilize in the development of their site plans for 2017-18.
    3. All OUSD departments meet in discussions over all OUSD comprehensive data sets including California Healthy Kids Data to allocate resources and devise strategies for Continuous Improvement.


Last Modified on August 2, 2017