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    The "Pathway to Excellence: 2015-2020" Strategic Plan is our roadmap for the next five years as we ensure that all students find joy in their academic experience while graduating with the skills needed to succeed in college, career, and community.


    The plan is rooted in our foundational principles of putting students first, equity, and integrity, and it clearly spells out our three core priorities: Effective Talent Programs, Accountable School District, and Quality Community Schools. 


    The Pathway to Excellence was introduced on November 19, 2014 in a ceremony at Madison Park, a school that represents the change we are working to achieve across the city. The lessons learned from Madison’s evolution are critical to the success of this plan. Madison was not always a star. It was a school that people talked about, but for the wrong reasons.


    Today, it’s one of the most celebrated schools in the city. Some refer to this journey as the “Madison Miracle.” It’s not a miracle, although it is extremely impressive. Madison is a shining example of what a community can achieve through careful planning, inspired vision, consistent partnership, a commitment to equity, and the practice of putting students first!


    The transformation at Madison is the product of hard work, integrity, and a belief in children. It’s work that we must do every day, in every school, for every student. We will take the strategies employed with such effectiveness at Madison and replicate them across the district so that we:

    • Provide every student with access to a high-quality school
    • Ensure each student is prepared for college, career, and community success
    • Staff every school with talented individuals committed to working in service of children
    • Create a school district that holds itself and its partners accountable for superior outcomes
    • Guarantee rigorous instruction in every classroom, every day 

    The staff, students and families of OUSD are working feverishly with community to meet these commitments. Our Strategic Planning Committee is always looking for the next innovation in education to support of students and teachers. This is our promise to the people of Oakland as we set out on a Pathway to Excellence and take the next step toward a school district where Every Student Thrives!