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About Oakland SOL

  • Welcome! Oakland SOL is an arts-integrated dual language middle school. We opened with a 6th grade class in August 2017. Our school is part of the Oakland Unified School District’s growing PK-12 dual language pathway.  


    Oakland SOL is designed to support all students to have access to the cognitive, academic, and socio-cultural benefits of bilingualism


    At SOL, students investigate globally and locally relevant issues that promote deep thinking, inquiry, and the use of language in an authentic setting. Students will set learning goals across the ABCS: Academics, Bilingualism, Cultural Humility, and Social Emotional Literacy.  These goals will be supported through a daily advisory period as well as a double literacy block in English and Spanish. Our innovative model supports students to develop increased agency over their learning in academic content areas, language, cultural identity, and social-emotional skills.


    Oakland SOL, 1180 70th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621

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