Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents need to register as volunteers?
Yes! Everyone who volunteers at an OUSD school needs to be registered as a volunteer. Becoming a volunteer is quick and easy, though—simply fill out this online application and meet with the volunteer coordinator at your school! Depending on what kind of volunteering you want to do, you may be required to pass a TB or background check as well. These tests help us keep all our students safe AND healthy.
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How do I register as a volunteer if I don’t have a computer or internet access at home?

Parents may be able to complete an application online at their child’s school. The volunteer application is quick and easy: Contact someone at your school or Lilly Smith at with any questions. 
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Some of them do! If you are attending an overnight field trip, you are required to get fingerprint clearance. Volunteer chaperones for day field trips are NOT required to get fingerprint clearance, unless you are driving students. Fieldtrip drivers are required to submit proof of driving credentials (license and insurance). In all cases, volunteer chaperones must adhere to all district field trip policies and procedures. Please visit for up-to-date responses to frequently asked questions. 
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Do I need to register with OUSD if I plan to volunteer in an outside organization with a program at an OUSD school site?
If you are planning to register and volunteer in an outside organization, such as but not limited to Reading Partners, Citizen Schools, or BUILD you will not require additional screening with the district. You will go directly to the organization for registration and screening requirements.
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Does every volunteer require fingerprint clearance?
Yes! Fingerprint clearance is required of all community (non-parent) volunteers.
Parent volunteers whose responsibilities may result in unsupervised work with students also require fingerprint clearance.  Parent volunteers who are supervised, serving in their child's classroom or in another supervised capacity determined by the school site, do not need fingerprint clearance.

Unsupervised parent volunteer refers to situations and/or parent volunteer roles in which the parent volunteer will be alone with one or more students. Examples include: one-on-one tutoring in a private space and facilitating yard duty without an OUSD staff member nearby.

Supervised parent volunteers—those that remain in the same room as a teacher and/or OUSD staff member at all times—do NOT need to be fingerprinted. Examples include: working in a library with a librarian staff member present, one-on-one tutoring at the back of the classroom with teacher present and classroom helpers with teacher present.

All background clearance information is completely confidential and solely for use by OUSD.

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How long does it take to become a volunteer?
The entire process takes approximately 1-6 weeks, depending on whether you need a TB test or fingerprint clearance. TB results take 3 days to be read. Fingerprint results can take up to 6 weeks. Make sure to allow plenty of time for your results if you’re planning to volunteer for an overnight field trip!
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Do current or retired employees of OUSD need to be fingerprinted?
It depends! If you are current employee of OUSD, your clearance status will need to be verified with Human Resources. If you are a recent retired employee of OUSD your clearance status will need to be verified with Human Resources. It is possible in both cases that you will be required to be fingerprinted as an OUSD volunteer.
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Do I need to be fingerprinted if I am a volunteer or employee of another government agency or outside organization?
Yes! Agencies are not allowed to share confidential information. OUSD is liable for all volunteers registered through the district and must receive clearance on its own. So for example if you work for or were previously employed by places like but not limited to Contra Costa County, Peralta Colleges or Hayward Unified School District you still require fingerprinting with OUSD.
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How much does fingerprinting cost?
Only $38! OUSD has a special agreement that allows OUSD volunteers to receive a reduced fingerprint rate of $38.00. Vouchers may be available—check with your school for more information!
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How often do I need to renew my TB results and get fingerprinted?
New volunteers must submit proof of negative tb results within the last 6 months and returning volunteers must submit proof of negative tb results every 4 years. Volunteers who continue volunteering beyond one school year will need to get fingerprint clearance once every three years from the time they begin volunteering with the school district.
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I’m not comfortable getting fingerprinted. Why do I need to be fingerprinted? 

The state law requires all school districts in California to fingerprint all adults, including volunteers, who will be working with children.  This is done to ensure the safety of the children. Fingerprints are sent to the DOJ and FBI to check criminal history. The report is then sent to the Family Engagement Coordinator.  Only the coordinator sees the volunteer’s criminal record and, by law, is not allowed to share the record with anyone else or with any other agency.  For the most part, only individuals found in the Megan’s Law database (for registered sex offenders), are banned from volunteering.  If you do not want to be fingerprinted, and you are NOT a parent, you may not volunteer.  If you are a parent, you may volunteer as a supervised parent volunteer in your child’s classroom, or in another supervised capacity determined by your school site. Supervised volunteers are still required to complete the online application and receive a TB test.

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Where do I send my TB test results?

Uploading a negative TB test to your online application is the quickest way to become a cleared volunteer with OUSD. Volunteers receive their login information and directions soon after completing the application. 

My doctor says I need a chest xray for the tuberculosis (TB)  test. Is this acceptable?

Yes. Volunteers that test positive for TB through the skin test typically receive negative results through the xray. If required, volunteers may need to receive treatment for TB before volunteering in schools.
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I am a parent, and my school doesn’t have any volunteer opportunities, OR I am a community member and want to volunteer but I am not sure where help is needed, what do I do?

Please visit for more information or contact Lilly Smith (, 510.221.6968 x708) with questions regarding volunteering and requests for volunteer placement assistance.

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