• Thursday, October 20, 2022

    5:30 – 7:00

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    Passcode: ZSmOIG2u

    Voting members (Bold if present) 

    L. Snaer, L. Alexandre, V. Finley, V. Nguyen, T. Wooding, S. Pallito, J. Goree, P. Moy, A. Cruz, S. Serrano

    Allowable use document


    1. Welcome / Optimistic Open

    Favorite Breakfast

    1. Approve Meeting Minutes from September

    Lamont - Goes over items on agenda.  Brief Overview of 

    • Training

    • Parent Election of Lydia

    • Teacher Election (N,P,W)

    • Classified Election (Goree)

    • Student Election (Cruz,Serrano)

    • Skipped item

    • PC

    • Adjournment

    Wooding makes motion to approve minutes.

    Moy Seconds.

    7 Approved. 

    1. Approve today’s Agenda

    Pallito makes a motion to approve agenda

    Lydia Makes a motion to second

    7 Approved

    1. Approve 22-23 OHS-School Parent Compact

    All participants look over and suggest changes. 

    No need to approve. 

    1. Approve the 22-23 Parent Family Engagement Policy 

    Policy that we iterate every year. All participants will look over and suggest changes. 

    Wiggins - Is there a limit on scheduling meetings with the school for their student’s teachers and counselors?

    Moy - No time or limit. 

    1. Establishment of SELLS

    Moy - SELLS met on Oct 6, 2022. Not a large turnout. Feedback from the SELLS group was that they did not want to become a full committee and they didn’t have the capacity to become a full running committee.

    Based on SELLS group meeting recommendation and after SSC discussion, SSC decides for SELLS to be established as option 3, a subcommittee of SSC. 

    Sub Committee of SSC. 

    Wiggins - Is there an appointed parent to report?

    Moy - Lateefa Ali, El Sadik Nasr Eldin Mohammad, Hoa Nguyen, Fernanda Rivera, School staff: Chris Johnston, Rumeli Snyder, Elizabeth Ramos, Ana Laura Castro.

    Wiggins will meet with SELLS and communicate info. They need support. 

    1. Title I Parent Money ($8100)

    Lamont - Could not connect w/ Alex P (PTO) MEMBER). Will in a future date. There is a deadline so this is important. We have access to the allowable use document at the top of our google doc but only OUSD emails can access. 

    Moy - Asked our newcomer social worker to look into who offers English classes and citizenship classes for our EL families.

    Shelley - Do we have any strategies that have worked with the money? 

    Moy - We want to be able to spend it fast and efficiently. Citizenship/English Classes are proposed. Translators too. Shelley agreed and popped in tablet ideas for office. 

    1. Title IV money - $16,043 paid out of 4375 (testing materials), Remainder in 4375: $3957

      1. Motion to distribute the money from (4375 Testing) to:

        1. art materials $1979 

        2. books other than textbooks $1978.

    Moy - Pay for testing materials. AP Tests from last year. District pays for free/reduced lunch and we pay for the rest. 

    Split money in half for art and non textbook books. Ceramics class costs $. Diverse authors.

    Moy makes a motion: distribute the leftover money ($1979 for arts )

    Lydia seconds

    7 approve

    Wooding motions to approve $1978 to books other than text books.

    Pallito seconds

    7 approve

    1. Title I Student and Title IV Rollover Money will be loaded soon

    There’s money - will allocate next meeting

    1. 22-23 Safety plan

    Yearly Safety Plan:

    • Section 1 Establish team

    • Section 2 Goals

    We need to base this off current crime statistics. COVID Year had none. 22-23 has 26 suspensions. 2018-2019 had more. Increased drug suspension. Abuse issue w/ vape pens that are nic. 

    1. Reduce physical confrontations and how do we serve repeat students, reduce robberies, and implement RJ. Support and expand this with students, staff, admin how to solve on their own. 

    2. Increase student engagement and attachment to school. Purpose: increase engagement, graduation rates. Strategy is PROPS, no bully training. 

    3. Name the timings for next year drills. September, October (Great CALI SHAKE), and Lockdown drill in March. 

    More info Nov 3, 2022

    How do we communicate to families, etc. when there is an emergency. 

    Currently Moy contacts the superintendent before acting. 

    Wiggins - do we have a tupe person? 

    Moy - On boarding but not sure what is happening. Need to know the negative impact w/ alternatives to suspension. TUPE, phone calls, detention. 

    Lydia - Related to vapes and weed. Edibles are harder to tell. 

    Moy - Mentioned selling products to other students. 

    Wiggins - Everywhere. Suggests workshops where the parent and student come. Could get worse. Could be mental health. 

    Lydia - Agrees parents should come but worried that they buy it for.

    Lamont - Agrees. Parents need to understand as well. 

    Moy - Mental Health Counselor w/ no insurance 

    Goree - Science teachers talking about vaping. Add it into the curriculum. 

    Moy makes a motion to approve SSP

    Lydia seconds

    7 approve

    1. Public comments

    Can we change it later - Assuming but Moy will ask. 

    November 3rd - OHS VIRTUAL FAMILY NIGHT 

    Focus on Safety: what are we doing to keep them safe. Threat scare led to issues. 

    Topic: OHS Virtual Family Night - TOPIC: Safety

    Time: Nov 3, 2022 05:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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    1. Adjournment / next meeting


    Lamont motions to end at 6:47 PM

    Moy Seconds 


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