• Thursday, September 15, 2022

    5:30 – 7:00

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    Meeting ID: 853 0403 9199

    Passcode: 552667

    Voting members (Bold if present) 

    L. Alexandre, V. Finley - absent form completed, L. Snaer, V. Nguyen, S. Pallito, T. Wooding, J. Goree, S. Serrano, A. Cruz, P. Moy

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    Agenda Item


    1. Welcome / Optimistic Open

    Attendance sign in dropped in the chat. People added as they entered. Continued to drop list in chat or have people indicate their presence in chat for sign in purposes.

    1. Training: Purpose of SSC

    Moy and Snaer deliver powerpoint training.

    1. Peer election of parents

    Parent Snaer and Finley will return for the 2nd year of the 2 year term.

    6 parents present.  

    Ms. Lydia Alexandre self nominated to become the parent member of the SSC. The parents that were present vote 6-0 in favor of Alexandre to become the parent member of the SSC. Alexander accepts the position. 

    1. Report on election of teachers

    Anthony Nguyen will serve in the 2nd term as a teacher member.

    The other 2 teacher members were nominated and elected at August 15th faculty school meeting for SSC representatives.  

    All teachers present voted to approve Wooding and Pallito for the position. (80-0) 

    1. Report on election of classified staff

    Jayce Goree was nominated by Percy Foster.  Other Staff that were present voted 2-0 in favor Goree to become the Other Staff Member of the SSC. Gorre accepted the nomination and was elected as classified staff member.

    1. Report on selection of students

    The two students self nominated and were elected as the SSC Student members on September 6, 2022 at delegate assembly. The students at the delegate assembly voted yay or nay for the student SSC members. The Yay vote was unanimous in favor for the student vote. 

    SSC Student members Silvia Serrano and Anevay Cruz nominated each other and voted 2-0 to confirm them as the student members of the SSC. 

    1. Election of officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary)

    Snaer self nominated to become the SSC Chairperson. The SSC members voted 10-0 to unanimously approve Snaer as the SSC Chairperson.

    Snaer nominates Alexandre as Vice chair. Wooding seconds.

    The SSC members voted 10-0 to unanimously approved for Lydia Alexandre to be Vice Chair

    Wooding nominates self as secretary.  Snear seconded.

    The SSC members voted 10-0 to unanimously approved for Thomas Wooding as Secretary.

    1. Approve Bylaws

    Snaer reviewed by laws. Moy moves to accept bylaws as they are. Wooding seconds.  The SSC ember voted 10-0 to unanimous approval

    1. Establishment of SELLS

    1. Group all its own

    2. SSC designated as SELL advisory Committee

    3. SELLS as a subcommittee under SSC

    1. Public comments

    • Try to form SELLS as option 1 then maybe default into option 3. 

    • The SELLS discussion is tabled until the October 20, 2022.

    • Highlight O High is a school of student representation - it’s been great

    • Measure H is the new Measure N and will be voted on soon

    1. Adjournment / next meeting

    Oct 20, 2022

    Lamont motions for adjournment. Pallito seconded 

    Adjournment 6:36 pm


    jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2022

    5:30 – 7:00

     Enlace Zoom

    Identificación de la reunión: 853 0403 9199

    Código de acceso: 552667


    1. Bienvenido / Optimista Abierto

    2. Capacitación: Propósito del SSC

    3. Elección entre pares de los padres

    4. Informe sobre elección de docentes

    5. Informe sobre elección de personal clasificado

    6. Informe de selección de alumnos

    7. Elección de oficiales (vicepresidente, secretario)

    8. Aprobar estatutos

    9. Establecimiento de VENTAS

    10. Comentarios públicos

    11. Clausura / próxima reunión

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