SSC Agenda/Flyer

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    Thursday, August 18, 2022

    5:30 – 6:30



    Moy, Snear, Foster, Goree, Ms. Shelley Gonzalez, Lydia Alexandre, Rayna Smith, Charlene Johnson, Vu Nguyen, Thomas Wooding

    1. Welcome / Optimistic Open

    • Moy - Principal - school meet and greet,

    • Lamont Snaer - SSC chair - school starting;

    • Jayce Goree, CM  - can assign students lockers

    • Ms. Shelley - Freshman mom, Access snacks and no one has come to find the food

    • Lydia Alexandre- freshman mom - overwhelmed with daughter starting HS - watching her daughter be strong and grow into it. 3rd grader back in school - less energetic.

    • Percy Foster - CM - ESA retreat with good policies

    • Thomas Wooding - CS teacher - CS room that is not the most well decorated. Received $ and got decorations and feels good to have a student decorate the room

    • Rayna - CFJ - Will be able to come back in person. And make those connections

    • Vu Nguyen -  CS teacher - seeing the students back in class, consistent attendance.

    2. Review and approve agenda

    No quorum

    3. SSC Role

    Guides how $ is spent from Title 1, Title 4, parent Title 1 money.  Review data to make informed decisions and provide input for the School Plan for Student Achievement. For catchup on SSC Minutes https://www.ousd.org/domain/1749 

    4. Elections/ Review of Parent members

    We have 1 parent seat available and will be checking on the other Parent seat to figure if we have 2 seats available.  

    5. Results of Elections for Students

    If not elected yet, will elect before September and let us know.

    6. Elections for Teachers results

    Vu and Wooding remain - need to vote on one more.

    7. Elections for Classified results

    Jayce Goree nominated - vote Friday 8/19 @ lunch. Foster for alternate.

    8. Parent Title 1 Money

    Have $8,100 - come up with ideas for what parents need.

    Suggestion - SELLS asked for English lessons or citizenship classes.

    9. Open Comments

    Appreciations for message for instagram response.

    Contact info for participants present at meeting today

    ·       lydiawael@gmail.com

    ·       Thomas.wooding@ousd.org

    ·       rayna@caljustice.org

    ·       Vu.nguyen@ousd.org

    ·       Msgonzalez1157@yahoo.com


    6:31 pm


    Agenda / Folleto de SSC

    Enlace de zoom

    Identificación: 84614167327

    Código de acceso: ZSmOIG2u

    Jueves, 18 de agosto de 2022

    5:30 - 6:30

    1. Bienvenida / Optimista Abierto

    2. Revisar y aprobar la agenda

    3. Rol del SSC

    4. Elecciones/Revisión de los padres miembros

    5. Resultados de Elecciones para Estudiantes

    6. Resultados de las Elecciones de Maestros

    7. Elecciones para resultados Clasificados

    8. Dinero del Título 1 de los Padres


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