• Referrals for Students to Mental Health Services, CARE TEAM, and Parent Liaison

    Starting in 2022, we have 3 different referral processes for referring a student to a Coordination of Services Team program.

    Tier 1 referral: RJ Request Form/CARE TEAM

    These referrals will  be handled by our Care Team (attendance, SSS, RJ, Case managers, CSM, Parent Liaison, and after-school programs) and will handle check-in, Restorative Justice conflicts, academic issues, and more. Students can self-refer or it can be used by faculty and staff (note that you must be logged in with your OUSD account to access this form).

    Parent/Caregiver COST Referral

    These referrals will go directly to our Parent Liaison who can help support our parents. We understand that it takes a village to raise a child and our Parent Liaison Mrs. Debra Carter-Kelly is phenomenal at creating spaces not only for our students but our parents as well. 

    Mental Health Services

    This team will focus on the emotional well being of our students. Only OUSD staff and faculty can access this form, using OUSD Force. Caregivers can request a referral through their Assistant Principal, a teacher or Community Schools Manager Dr. Alexis Gray-LawsonView video instructions for making a COST referral via OUSD Force.