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  • Yearbook

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    Senior Portraits

    Appointments for portraits need to be made at https://www.mylegacymatters.us/. Please know that there is NO COST to take the picture. There is only a cost if you want to buy a package.


    Here's a direct link: https://www.mylegacymatters.us/appointments

    After you choose the session type, it will show a list of the schools and you can click on Oakland Tech. Then it will show a calendar with appointment times.

    Caps & Gowns

    In the past boys wore purple and girls wore yellow, but currently graduation cap and gown colors choice is up to the student.
    Families will receive an email from the company Achievers along with a link to the website https://graduationorder.com/ plus a code specific to Oakland Tech for ordering new caps, gowns, and tassels. However ParentSquare is also a great resource for families who share caps and gowns from previous years, and tassels can be purchased at amazon.com or other stores. 
    Watch for announcements in StudentSquare for College Information Events!

    Email addresses

    Seniors will no longer  have access to their OUSD email account shortly after graduation. Seniors should make copies of all documents and assignments before they lose access.


    Visit https://ousdca.scriborder.com/ to order transcripts.

  • 2023-2024 Important Dates

    August 2023

    Aug 3: All ASB and class meeting 
    Aug 9: 9th Grade Assembly-Advisory (ASB)
    Aug 11: 10th Grade Assembly-Advisory (10th grade class officers)
    Aug 16: 11th Grade Assembly-Advisory (11th grade class officers)
    Aug 18: 1st Senior Meeting (12th grade advisors)
    Aug 23: Meeting about Clubs (Rosemary + Ms. Alexis)
    Aug 25: Back to School Rally (ASB + Leadership)

    September 2023

    Sept 8: Student Council Meeting
    Sept 18: Club Day  (ASB + Class Elects)

    October 2023

    October 9-14: Homecoming Week  (ASB + Leadership)
    October 13: Homecoming v Skyline Game  (ASB + Leadership)
    October 14: Homecoming Dance  (ASB + Leadership)

    November 2023

    November 3: Senior Sunrise (Senior Parent Committee) 

    December 2023

    December 14:  Winter Formal  (ASB + Leadership)

    January 2024

    January 12: MLK assembly (Leadership)

    February 2024

    February 5-9: Swoosh Homecoming week (ASB + Leadership)
    February 9: Hall of Fame Night  (ASB + Leadership)
    February 10: Sadies Hawkins Dance  (ASB + Leadership)
    February 19-23: BSU Spirit Week (BSU)
    February 23: Black History Program (BSU)

    March 2024

    March 15: Awards Ceremony  (ASB + Leadership)
    March 19+March 22: Women's History Program (Leadership)

    April 2024

    Junior Prom: April 12/13
    Senior Prom: April 26/27

    May 2024

    Grad Night: May 10
    Black Grad: May 16
    Student Council Meeting: 1st Friday of Month
    Class Meetings: Every 2nd Wednesday of Month
    Senior Meetings: Every 3rd Friday of the Month