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    Summer 2022 Racial Justice, Equity & Healing INSTITUTE 

    [ June 13th - 17th Joyful Schools Week ]


    The Racial Justice & Healing Taskforce invites you to join us for a week this summer to dive deep into antiracism, racial healing and implementing equity so that we may develop our skills to better support all of our students to thrive in our classrooms and schools.  All OUSD staff and community partners are welcome to participate!


    All sessions will be virtual, except for the Black Liberation Walking Tour & Curriculum Session and the LGBTQ Students of Color workshop.  Virtual sessions will be recorded to be made available to OUSD staff and schools.


    Please note that participant levels [1) Emerging, 2) Developing, 3) Practicing] are based on your level of experience in the workshop topic.


    OEA Members will be paid for their participation in all professional learning sessions at the Summer PD rate of $45/hour upon completion of exit ticket & timesheet, or they may choose to submit for Professional Growth Units for advancement on the salary scale.  SEIU & AFSCME members can check in with their Supervisor to see if they are eligible to submit an Overtime form if these times fall beyond contract hours.  Please see instructions below!


    The Racial Justice, Equity & Healing Institute is part of OUSD's Joyful Schools Professional Learning Week!


    Monday 6/13 | Equity Foundations


    8:15-10AM | Opening Session: Wellness, Self-Care & Transformative SEL | Lindsey Fuller, Teaching Well 


    Who: Everyone!


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Ground the week in embodied wellness practices to sustain our equity work together, especially as we navigate complex topics in this week’s workshops.
    • Understand the connection between adult SEL (social emotional learning), self care,  collective healing as it pertains to racial justice and equity.


    10:15AM-12PM | Dis/Ability Justice | David Cammarata, Special Education


    Participant Level: All Participants Emerging & Developing


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Through the voices of people with disabilities/ learning differences and their support networks, we will be looking at the impacts of low expectations and ableism on the educational opportunities provided to people with disabilities and learning differences.
    • We will be examining our role as educators in ensuring that all students are provided a quality education, access to quality instruction and learning experiences, and are welcomed as members of our learning communities.


    1PM-2:45PM | Pandemic of Racism | Raquel Jimenez, Office of Equity 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging Staff


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Build a common understanding of our shared legacy of oppression, white supremacy and its impact on our thinking, actions, and work as anti-racist educators.  
    • Ground in how schools have intertwined with centuries of racial discrimination.


    Note: If you have already taken the Pandemic of Racism workshop, please sign-up for Equity Traps as a core training!


    1-2:45PM | Equity Traps & Counter-Strategies | Lailan Sandra Huen, Office of Equity


    Participant Level & Audience: All Staff Developing & Practicing


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Explore the most common ‘equity traps’ in schools that are shaped by racist belief systems.
    • Develop mindfulness around how these show up in Oakland schools and how we can interrupt these behaviors.
    • Share experiences in small groups to collaboratively develop counter-strategies to show up for racial justice.


    3-4:45PM | Advancing Equity and Excellence Through Transformative SEL | Sonny Kim, Office of Social Emotional Learning  


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Staff & Community Partners


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Cultivate an understanding of Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) 5 Focal Constructs.
    • Learn how Transformative SEL lives in our classrooms and schools - and how it connects to your practice.


    Tuesday 6/14 | Restorative Relationships


    8:15-10AM | Ending Sex and Labor Trafficking for BIPOC Students | Jodi de la Peña & Sandee Simmons, Behavioral Health  


    Participant Level & Audience: All levels & participants welcome!


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand the scope and impact of sex and labor trafficking in Oakland which affects students groomed as young as 11 years old.
    • Identify red flags, strategies commonly used by traffickers, and student risk and protective factors.
    • Understand the OUSD Human Trafficking School Safety Protocol (HTSSP).
    • Practice skills to identify and engage students in a trauma-informed, culturally responsive manner when red flags are observed or students disclose potential or actual human trafficking.


    10:15AM-12PM | Trauma Informed Nonviolent Communication & De-Escalation | Susan Andrien, Behavioral Health  


    Participant Level: Developing


    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Understand trauma through the lens of collective, racialized and historical.
    • Explore the physical and developmental impact of trauma.
    • Understand the stress response system and the escalation cycle.
    • Understand the intimacy barrier and the relationship to escalation and de-escalation.
    • Build skills to respond to crisis, including students and staff in a trauma response.


    1-2:45PM | Healing Centered Restorative Justice | David Yusem & Sandee Simmons, Restorative Justice & Behavioral Health


    Participant Level & Audience: All levels & participants welcome!


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Ground in the origins of restorative justice.
    • Learn about the Restorative Justice rollout in OUSD.
    • Connect Restorative Justice, healing centered practices, and racial justice.


    3-4:45PM | Conflict Resilience with Boys & Young Men of Color | Myles Asuelo & Cruz Jauregui, Zymbolic 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Analyze the nature of conflict and how it influences identity amongst young boys and men of color in Oakland.
    • Explore ways to leverage conflict as a means to help students grow and develop resilience.
    • Customize a community building activity that helps students process and constructively respond to conflict.


    Wednesday 6/15 | Equitable School Communities


    8:15-10AM | Advancing Equity through Meaningful Family Engagement  | Sara Nuño-Villa, Family Engagement


    Participant Level & Audience: All Emerging Participants


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand how families can be engaged as partners in their child’s education to ensure equity and access for all students. 
    • Address historical trauma experienced by families of color by building relational trust through on-going structures at our sites for parent-teacher communication and learning, relationship building, and shared decision making. 
    • Overview OUSD’s anti-racist family engagement framework and learn best practices for starting the year off with stronger family academic partnerships.


    10:15AM-12PM | How to Be an Antiracist Educator | Jarrett Austin-Thomas, Talent & Priscilla Parchia, Expanded Learning 


    Participant Level & Audience: Practicing Educators


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Acknowledge where I am on my personal anti-racist journey and commit to improving my practice.
    • Make a personal commitment to improve my own critical awareness to disrupt racism that I am perpetuating.
    • Cultivate a space where students and colleagues can talk about race and racism.


    1-2:45PM | Intersectionality & Solidarity | Stephanie Noriega, ELLMA & Tamara Dukes, Network 2


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Participants


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Ground in our own intersectional identities to understand how we can stand in stronger solidarity with our students.
    • Explore how our biases and micro and macro aggressions show up in schools, and what we can do to address them.
    • Deepen our understanding of how intersectional oppression impacts Oakland students’ academic achievement, mental health and success in school - and what we can do in our roles to develop equitable practices to support them.


    3-4:45PM | Addressing Hate Speech & Racial Slurs with Bullying Prevention Best Practices | Jehan Hakim, Jamal Muhammad & Jenny Nguyen, Office of Equity & OUSD Bullying Prevention Steering Committee 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Learn best practices in how schools can prevent and address racial slurs, hate speech and bullying, including confronting the 'N' word on campus.
    • Know the OUSD protocols, policies and resources available and develop equitable supports for targeted student groups.


    Thursday 6/16 | Joyful Classrooms


    8:15-12PM* IN-PERSON | Black Liberation Walking Tour +  Oakland Black Studies Curriculum Session | Chela Delgado, Ethnic Studies Team & West Oakland Cultural Action Network 


    Participant Level & Audience: Developing & Practicing Teachers


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Experience Ethnic Studies on the ground in one of Oakland’s historic neighborhoods in West Oakland, the Hoover-Foster district, through a walking tour led by the West Oakland Cultural Action Network.
    • Collaborate with fellow educators to discuss bringing Oakland’s Black history, liberation and joy to life in our classrooms, to disrupt anti-Blackness as well as better reflect our communities' stories in our curriculum.


    You can read more about the Black Liberation Walking Tour here: https://www.blwt.org


    8:15-12PM* | [ FULL ] Tier I Classroom Routines & Procedures to Support Equity  | Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Team  


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Classroom Teachers & Particularly New Teachers


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Teachers will create highly engaging classrooms with tier 1 systems and practices in order to create a strong community where all students feel safe to learn and grow.
    • Teachers will gain a better understanding of 4 essential classroom practices: 
      • Classroom expectations & norms
      • Routines & procedures
      • Positive reinforcement
      • Responding to unexpected behavior
    • Teachers will engage in thought partnership with MTSS coaches and colleagues to work through problems of practice and create plans for implementation.


    1-2:45PM | Community-Building Circles in the Classroom | David Yusem & Denise Curtis, Restorative Justice Team


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging Teachers


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Understand restorative justice practices within the context of a trauma informed classroom.  
    • Learn how the brain processes trauma and the impact on learning and how RJ practices can provide a safe place for teaching and learning.


    1-2:45PM | Culturally Responsive Teaching | Lailan Sandra Huen, Office of Equity 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Dive into 7 key tenets of Culturally Responsive teaching, and what that means for Oakland’s diverse students. 
    • Learn about best practice examples in our school district to share resources, inspire your practice, and ground ourselves in Oakland and OUSD’s context while lifting up student and teacher voices.  
    • Generate ideas with colleagues to plan what culturally responsive practices can look like for the upcoming school year.


    3-4:45PM | Chicano/Latino Culturally Responsive Strategies for Schools & in the Classroom | Eve Delfin, Latino Student Achievement 


    Participant Level & Audience: All Levels & Participants


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Increase awareness of our Latino & Chicano students in Oakland, and their struggles, needs and assets.
    • Develop strategies for classrooms and schools to support Latino and Chicano students in your role.


    Friday 6/17 | Supporting Students


    8:15-10AM IN-PERSON | Supporting LGBTQ Students of Color | Schmian Evans, LGBTQ Programming Specialist 


    Participant Level: All are welcome!


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Participants will be able to:
      • Demonstrate an initial understanding of basic LGBTQ terms and definitions.
      • Identify unique barriers and challenges faced by BIPOC queer students.
      • Understand OUSD & State policies/laws designed to support LGBTQ youth.
      • Identify best practices for supporting BIPOC queer students.


    10:15AM-12PM | Becoming Adult Allies & Disrupting Adultism, Honoring Student Voice | Citlali Espinoza, All City Council Student Union & Office of Equity 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators, Community Partners & Family Leaders


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Participants will be able to:
      • Define and identify adultist practices.
      • Understand the importance of building strong and meaningful youth-adult partnership to support student learning and school/classroom culture & climate.
      • Identify best practices to honor student voice and create authentic partnerships between youth and adults.


    1-2:45PM | [ RESCHEDULED ] Title IX & Gender Justice with Girls of Color | Iminah Ahmad & Eve Delfin, Office of Equity, Sandee Simmons, Behavioral Health 


    Participant Level & Audience: Emerging & Developing Educators


    Learning Outcomes:

    • Demonstrate an initial understanding of the similarities and differences of gender equity and racial equity.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of sexual harassment.
    • Develop a deeper understanding of how gender and race show up in schools.
    • Communicate unique barriers and challenges faced by young women of color, and best practices to support.
    • Identify how we can be better allies preventatively and understand how OUSD & State policies/laws support students.


    3-5PM | Racial Justice & Affinity Potluck + Celebration | Racial Justice & Healing Taskforce | Location: Oakland Park TBA!


    Join members of the Racial Justice Taskforce to build community and connect after a week of learning together!

    Who: All OUSD staff & community partners moving racial justice learning forward in Oakland schools are welcome to join us!



    • Celebrate 3 years of building the Racial Justice & Healing Taskforce as a cross-site/departmental network to develop antiracist school cultures and equity mindsets, including racial affinity groups.
    • Connect outdoors out of the office to build the social relationships that sustain and enable racial justice and healing.
    • Bring our Oakland cultural foods to share and break bread!
    • A forest bathing experience will be offered afterward to connect with nature, our bodies and our spirits.




    OEA Members may submit timesheets for in-service hours at the Summer PD rate of $45/hour outside of the contracted time in the  Exit Ticket  by June 21st, or Professional Growth Unit forms to Raquel Jimenez (raquel.jimenez@ousd.org) for signature and to their Talent representatives for advancement on the salary scale. 


    SEIU & AFSCME Members can check in with their Supervisor to see if they are eligible to submit an overtime form online if these times fall beyond contract hours:

    • Please list Raquel Jimenez - Office of Equity Executive Director as the approver.
    • You will be compensated at your hourly rate.