• New Student Center & Staff Lounge

    Updated 8/21/22

    Student Center

    We did it! Phase One of the new Student Center is complete! Over the summer a dedicated crew of administrators, teachers, parents, and students converted the old library into a bright, clean, and open multi-use space. Fresh paint, new carpet, and some donated furniture now sets the stage for Phase Two.


    Phase Two:

    In the next phase committees will work on the following:


    • Student Center Committee - Let’s finish this! With the blank slate of Phase One the team will design the new Student Center environment. This might include new furniture, enhanced Little Library, lounge areas, exhibits and a mural.


    Concept Rendering (does not represent final design)


    • The Tech Story Committee - Let’s show Tech’s rich history and community in the Student Center and throughout the campus.



    Wanna help?

    Please contact Shelly Cox at oaklandshellycox@icloud.com if you would like to be on a team. We could use your help!

  • New Staff Lounge

    To show appreciation of the teachers and staff at Tech, this summer the PTSA also created the new Staff Lounge, the first for Oakland Tech. Finally, a place where teachers can come together and strengthen the Oakland Tech community.



  • Wanna donate?

    Your money can go a long way toward making Phase Two possible.



    Donors and major volunteers will be recognized on a permanent donor recognition wall at the entrance of the center.



    Thanks to all that have made these projects possible, either by donating money, time, and/or expertise. The workdays were fun and we made a lot of new friends. Go Tech!


    Presentation Slides and Video from 4/22/22

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