• Oakland Tech’s After-School Programs

    The Tribe

    • Room #2, down the stairs across from the auditorium
    • After school every day until 6pm
    • View the slideshow!


    Tech’s after-school program, known as The Tribe, offers Bulldogs an array of opportunities to learn, engage and grow. Some programs are available on a drop-in basis, such as tutoring, while others require students to sign up and attend regularly. Students may join as many programs as their schedules allow! Each day’s offerings are posted outside the library. For details view the slideshow and contact Site Coordinator Quincie Howard (quincie.howard@ousd.org) with questions. 

    Tech Techies After School Program

    The Techies are THE CREW for all music, dance, drama, and school-wide events in the Auditorium.Tech Techies meets Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays after school, right behind the Auditorium stage. See more information here. Contact Mr. Fern (casey.fern@ousd.org) for details.


  • The Tribe Vibe After School Program: Room #2 across from the auditorium, after school every day until 6pm