• Counselors

    Oakland Tech’s counselors assist students in making informed, future-focused academic decisions that set them on the path to college and career success.

    Our Oakland Tech Counselors

    Shaheed Juman shaheed.juman@ousd.org 
    Grade 9 (all last names)

    Susheela Moonsamy susheela.moonsamy@ousd.org 
    Last names A through E, grades 10-12

    Holly Przybyla holly.przybyla@ousd.org 
    Last names F through Liang, grades 10-12

    Heidi van Mastrigt heidi.vanmastrigt@ousd.org 
    Last names Liao through Q, grades 10-12

    Jacqueline Johnson jacqueline.johnson@ousd.org 
    Last names R through Z, grades 10-12

    Course Schedules

    Class schedules are generally available in Aeries before school starts (generally the day before). This year we are targeting August 6th, 2022 for the date when we make these student schedules available. You will not come to school to pick up a copy. Your student should print out, write out, or take a picture of their entire schedule, focusing on the class name, teacher name, and classroom number and bring it to school the first day. The main office will have copies available of scholars' schedules if needed for students who lose them. 

    Course Change Requests

    At the start of a new school year, students who need to make a change to their class schedule should reach out to their counselors by completing a digital course request form: 2022-2023 Course Change Request Form. You must be logged in to your student's OUSD account to make requests. Counselors are the only people that will make course changes.

    Please do not come to the counseling office to make the request.  

    • The Counseling Office will be closed for the first two weeks while counselors balance classes.  
    • Students will not be admitted into the Counseling Office without a Blue pass from their instructor during the school day.
    • Students will NOT be allowed to line up in the hallways outside of their offices or the Counseling Office.  They should stay in their assigned classes until their counselor calls the out of class or informs them via email of their requested changes. 
    • Depending on the number of change requests, it may take several days for changes to be completed. Please be patient.  Students are required to attend the courses on their schedules until they receive a new schedule. View the complete Class Change Policy. 
    • If you child has no classes at all or was just accepted to Oakland Tech in the last week, please email your child's counselor as soon as possible so that they can put a course schedule together for your child.