• CTE Pathways/Academies

    Career Technical Education Pathways produce college- and career-ready graduates with pertinent academic, career, creative and innovative thinking skills. Oakland Tech is committed to ensuring all scholars engage in a CTE-approved Pathway, embodied in our five Academies. Our curriculum engages our advisory boards comprised of business and industry partners to ensure we are teaching 21st century skills.


    Scholars are introduced to the Academies during 9th grade and join an Academy in 10th grade. Also see our programs, such as Paideia and Performing Arts. In most instances, students may participate in both a program and a Pathway. 

2022-2023 Rising 9th Grade Pathway Orientation Guidebook

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  • Computer Academy

    Our Computer Science pathway helps students develop the computational thinking practices of algorithm development, problem solving and programming within the context of problems that are relevant to their lives. Students are introduced to topics such as interface design, limits of computers and societal and ethical issues of software engineering. They also spend time learning about robotics, PC systems and how to build and troubleshoot computers all of which offer students hands-on learning experiences.


    Our pathway provides field trips to leading technology companies and Bay Area universities, internship opportunities and more. We also look at computer organization and architecture, multimedia, programming, graphics and editing, Internet/web pages design, HTML, and designing and maintaining networks.


    Sample related jobs: Programmer, Database Administration, Tech Support, Web Developer and Network Specialist


    “My favorite part about being in the computer science pathway is just being exposed to things that are new and also things that are definitely becoming increasingly relevant in today's world. There's no secret that we're in a technology revolution and every day I come in and I get to learn something new about how to make my own life easier by learning about computers.” —  Computer Science Academy Student


    “I think I've learned how to think critically, especially when it comes to coding because it requires a lot of grit. I think you can't be giving up too easily because there's so much you can mess up on but there's so much you can improve on. And all the mistakes you make are just helping you as you progress in computer science because there's always something new you're learning.” —  Computer Science Academy Student


    “The computer field is growing immensely, and so the computer science academy I felt would give me the best skills to be competitive in the job market. ... The way the computer academy is set up, it’s almost like a workplace, where you have your set groups of people working together on a project and in a proposal-like manner, delivering that project to the teacher.” — Computer Science Academy Student

    Engineering Academy

    The Engineering pathway teaches students physical and spatial reasoning through a unique combination of science-focused academic classes and design-focused career-technical education courses. Students engage in an innovative and rigorous hands-on, project-based curriculum, (model building, bridge competition, engineering challenges) and are prepared for careers in civil and mechanical engineering and architecture.


    Students will learn traditional and computer-aided drafting; Revit, Adobe Suite (Photoshop & graphic design); residential home design; technical writing and presentation skills. Students will also be connected to industry partners who will be guest speakers, project advisors, and internship hosts.


    Sample related jobs: Architect, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Scientist, Interior Designer, Quality Control Engineer, Process Engineer, Patent Lawyer


    “It's been really great. Engineering isn't something that you usually learn in high school so I think it's been a really great experience to learn drafting and AutoCAD and like other really great things to learn. You can use it in college or any jobs you get.” — Engineering Pathway Student


    It’s a lot of hands-on work... we learn how to build stuff. When (our teacher) gives us something to do, we have to figure out how to do it and how to do it on our own.” — Engineering Pathway Student

    Fashion, Art, Design, Animation Academy (FADA)

    The Fashion, Art & Design pathway is a flourishing learning pathway where students engage in rigorous creative and academic practice, find purpose and voice in their work, build trust in each other and the greater community, and secure a path to college and career success. FADA features classes in fashion design, visual arts, and graphic design. Our academy incorporates many hallmarks of the high school reform movement, such as creating a close, family-like atmosphere, integrating academic and career technical education, and establishing business partnerships. The three-year program provides students with a project-based curriculum, a mentor program, classroom speakers, field trips, and exploration of college and career options through job shadowing and internships.


    FADA empowers its diverse student body through the development of creative, collaborative, reflective, and critical thinking skills in the fields of Fashion, Graphic Design, and Animation within an equitable, work-based, and supportive learning environment shaped by the partnerships between our high-quality faculty and the greater Bay Area community.


    Sample related jobs: Stylist, Animator, Artist, Showroom Assistant, Set Decorator, Merchandise Displayers, Fashion Illustrator, Costume Designer, Textile Designer, Fashion Journalist, Lighting Specialist


    “The skills I've acquired can take me all the way to becoming a fashion designer, or I could work at a company in fashion merchandising. The skills I have acquired here in this academy have prepared me for what I want to do.” — Fashion, Art & Design Academy (FADA) Student


    View the FADA Academy website

    Health Academy

    Tech’s Health pathway has helped students prepare for careers in health and biology since 1984. We have active partnerships with local hospitals, health service organizations and professional schools that provide opportunities for field trips, guest speakers, college student mentors, internships and health-related service projects. Our success as a program and our partnerships with health care have been built on bringing together a diverse group of students around a shared interest in our community’s health.


    Health academy students will learn about clinical medicine, emergency medicine and public health, acquire skills in first aid, health education and basic clinical skills,  learn about and be exposed to a variety of health care careers, contribute to our community’s health, and become a supportive community for each other.


    Sample related jobs: Dental Assistant, Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Physician, Nurse Practitioner and Veterinarian


    “These pathways help us tap into our passion because we're actually thinking about what we want to be in life when we get into high school.” — Health Academy Student

    Race, Policy & Law Academy

    The Race, Policy, and Law Academy will prepare students to work for racial and social justice through careers in law, policy, and organizing.


    RPL is a safe and supportive community of engaged students, teachers, and community members who are dedicated to racial justice and empowerment through relevant curriculum and real world experiences.


    Students will bring to their analysis of social issues a deep knowledge of the history of racial oppression, resistance by social movements, and how law and policy can be used as tools for social change. We hope to understand how the past has shaped today's society through exploring a variety of different narratives and experiences--particularly those that have been historically marginalized--so we can have a lasting social impact on our community and on a larger scale after we graduate from Oakland Tech.


    Through the use of restorative justice practices, we will create a climate of safety and trust that enables courageous conversations in the classroom that will equip students to engage in those conversations outside of the classroom. Students will demonstrate empathy and effective communication to collaborate in diverse groups to innovate creative solutions to the pressing social justice issues of our day.


    Sample related jobs: Lawyer, paralegal, policy advocate, nonprofit director, social worker, community organizer, government official, journalist


    “There is like a familial bond around RPL, just talking about the issues that we do talk about. It's really deep stuff. Like we're talking about race and oppression, and how some of us are more disadvantaged than others. So we’re really close, and I really like how it’s a tight-knit pathway.”  — Race, Policy & Law (RPL) Student

    A Few of Our Industry Partners

    Computer AcademyIntel Logo

    Intel “empowers students to become the innovators of tomorrow: … integrating technology into lesson plans builds the skills of the future to help students develop cognitive, technical, and social-emotional skills.”

    Engineering AcademyArcsine Logo

    Arcsine is “a comprehensive architecture and interior design firm with an emphasis on method, aesthetic and client care.”

    Fashion, Art, Design, Animation AcademyMocha Logo

    “MOCHA is committed to providing quality hands-on art experiences for children and their families.”

    Health Academy

    Biotech Partners Logo

    “Biotech Partners has focused on helping youth achieve their goals. We focus on training youth for technical positions in bioscience, career advancement and continued education.”

    Race, Policy & Law AcademyChildren Now Logo

    Children Now “aims to align the systems that prepare kids for college, career and civic life.” 


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