• Attendance

    Reporting an Absence

    When students are absent on any school day, parents and guardians must report the absence to the attendance office by emailing both attendance specialists at attendance@oaklandtech.com to clear your child’s all day or single period absence. Provide the date or period the student missed school and the reason for coding purposes.


    Office hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please clear your child’s attendance within the first five days of receiving an absence message. In the case you feel your child has been marked absent in error, email the teacher directly to discuss the matter. The teacher may then submit an attendance correction form authorizing that change.

    Requesting Student Permission to Leave Campus

    If students must leave campus during the school day due to an urgent doctor’s appointment or a parent's request, please do one of the following:


    • You may email us at attendance@oaklandtech.com. Please include your child’s name, date, time and reason your child is being dismissed.
    • The student may pick up his/her permit to leave in the attendance office preferably before school or during lunch. Students may also bring in a signed note into the attendance office requesting a permit to leave. This will help in order to have a smooth and timely exit process.
    • You may also reach us at (510) 879-2305 x 1.

    Extended Absences

    If students are going to miss 5 to 14 consecutive days, you may apply for an Independent Study Contract. Please provide a ten days notice via email, attendance@oaklandtech.com or send in a signed note to process the work packet. Communicate this to all teachers. Independent Study packets are available in the attendance office for both the student and parents to sign.