Partnership Process

  • District Minimum Partnership Requirements:
    1. A valid board-approved or board-ratified services agreement is required if you provide services to the district.
    2. Register in the OUSD Community Partner Database and update annually if you provide services or resources to the district.
    Partnership Process White Paper - Document outlining district guidelines for community partnerships and the partner dashboard, a user-friendly tool for tracking partner services and resources.

Community Partner Dashboard

  • Link to Community Partner DashboardThe OUSD community partner dashboard is the user-friendly interface with our partner database where the entire OUSD community can access the information in the partner database.
    OUSD is connecting with all community partners at the district level through our new system, The OUSD Community Partner Database. We kindly ask all of our community partners to register in our database and update annually.  We hope to increase communication and cohesion with our community partners, and uplift the outcomes of community schools. Through partnership with community-based organizations and individuals, we can leverage our collective resources to provide more services for students and families.

Prospective Partners

    • If you are brand new to OUSD (don’t have a pending contract or relationship), please complete the Prospective Community Partner Inquiry Form. By submitting this form, you are requesting that your program information be shared with an appropriate school district department for review. Pre-approved site-based providers will be publicly visible as prospective community partners in the OUSD Community Partner Dashboard.
    • Volunteers (individuals) that are not working on behalf of an outside organization should register as volunteers with the Oakland Ed Fund.
    Business Vendors