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Types of Safety

  • Environmental Safety

      • Earthquakes
      • Power Outage
      • Gas Leaks

    Crisis Response Safety

      • Active Shooter
      • Neighborhood Violence (Lock Out vs. Lock Down)

    Physical Safety

      • Mandated Reporting
      • Child Abuse

    Emotional Safety

      • Verbal Abuse
      • Refugee/ICE Issues

    Based on the severity of the circumstance, appropriate protocols should be followed:

      • Call 911 for any incident that puts the child's safety in critical danger
      • After an incident, contact: Agency Directors, Expanded Learning Office, and Site Administrator
      • Contact Parents for major incidents:
        • Discipline
        • Physical Harm
      • Use your judgement when filling out OUSD Incident Report Forms. These forms should be filled out anytime when a student is involved in a physical or verbal altercation, anytime that you've had to call 911, or anytime you feel there may be follow up. When in doubt, fill out an incident report form. Agencies will not be penalized for filling out these forms. Review the guidelines in the google folder below for more information.
          • When you do fill out an incident report form: email to OUSD incident report OUSDincident@CCSMI.com & CC your agency director, site administrator, and Expanded Learning Office staff.

Safety Plans

  • Due Date September 30, 2019

    In the google folder below you will find a PDF fillable safety plan template and the job descriptions that describe each position in the emergency chain of command.