Congratulations to our 2022-23 Cohort of Latino Student Achievement Maestr@s Pathway Program! Maestr@s 22-23

    This year we have a cohort of 6!

    Congratulations to our new cohort!

    Last year LSA supported 11 teachers on their journey to a full credential through our Maestr@s program which supports teachers through mentorship and scholarships for tuition and exams.


    Are you Latino and interested in becoming a teacher? 

    Latino Student Achievement will support you with an LSA Pathway Program with an opportunity for a scholarship that will cover:

    - Tuition in a teacher credential program
    - Fees for CBEST/CSET and credential applications
    - Professional development that will provide community and support 

    Students make up 46.1% of OUSD's student body and yet about 20% of their teachers are Latino.

    Research shows that effective teachers are the single most factor in improving student achievement.

    OUSD Maestr@s is your opportunity to make a difference in your community while developing yourself. 


    Application is now closed. Our next cohort application will open in June 2023

    For more information please contact eve.delfin@ousd.org