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    Spring 2022 Racial Justice, Equity & Healing Summit


    Wednesday, March 2nd 3:30-6pm on Zoom


    (Due to Professional Learning Day becoming a Teacher/Staff Wellness Day on January 14th due to Omicron & COVID-19 conditions, we rescheduled the summit and will provide extended contract pay for teachers and classified staff.)


    Please note that sessions will be recorded so that the workshops can be used to train all OUSD staff and community partners.




    Welcome: “Intersections x Solidarity in OUSD Schools”


    • Ground as an OUSD community in our students’ current experiences.
    • Lifting up how intersectionality & solidarity show up and can show up better in OUSD schools.


    4:30-6:00 WORKSHOPS + Learning Outcomes


    Disrupting Anti-Blackness in the Classroom & on Campus

    Facilitator: Chela Delgado (CCPA Ethnic Studies Teacher)

    Participant Level: Developing


    • Ground in a pedagogy of Black resistance rather than Black oppression.
    • Learn about cultivating Latinx student allyship and school-wide strategies to center Black student experiences.


    Ethnic Studies: 6 Pedagogical Principles in Action

    Facilitators: Leah Aguilera (Ethnic Studies & HSS TSA), Marisa Villegas (Latino/a Student Achievement), LT (Oakland Academy of Knowledge Teacher)

    Participant Level: Emerging & Developing


    • Dive into 6 Pedagogical Principles of Ethnic Studies adapted from Dr. Jose Cuellar.
    • Explore how the pedagogical principles can be put into action in OUSD classrooms.
    • Work time to create & incorporate 6 Pedagogical Principles of Ethnic Studies into lessons.


    History of Dis/ability Justice in the East Bay: Toward Inclusive Futures

    Facilitator: Stephen Raser (Special Education Program Manager), Elena Rivera (Special Education TSA), Angel Garcia (Young Adult Program Student)

    Participant Level: Emerging


    • Learnings around the history of disability justice in the region to inspire a future of access and inclusion for differently-abled students.
    • Exploring the intersection of disability justice and racial justice in our schools.


    "There is no racial justice without dis/ability justice":  The urgent need to center dis/ability and dis/abled students of color

    Facilitator: Cintya Molina (Office of Equity)

    Participant Level: Developing & Practicing ECE-Young Adult Staff


    • Understand how ableism grounds some current "antiracist" educational discourses and practices, how those discourses/practices harm dis/abled students of color, and how they undermine our antiracist work.
    • Identify the racist and ableist implications of specific terms commonly used in education.


    De-Escalation & Nonviolent Communication with At-Risk Youth

    Facilitators: BAY-Peace - Leilani Salvador (Director), Julianna Horcasitas (Development/Communications Associate), Zouhair Mussa (Youth Leader) 

    Participant Level: Middle-High school teachers & administrators, all levels!


    • Participants will practice Non-violent Communication in the classroom setting.
    • Participants will practice different de-escalation tactics.


    Navigating the Intersections of Gender & Racial Justice

    [ POSTPONED to JUNE Racial Justice Institute ]

    Facilitators: Iminah Ahmad (Equity - African American Female Excellence), Eve Delfin (Equity - Latino Student Achievement) & Sandee Simmons (Behavioral Health)

    Participant Level: Emerging & Developing 


    • Demonstrate an initial understanding of the similarities and differences of gender equity and racial equity.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of sexual harassment.
    • Develop a deeper understanding of how gender and race show up in schools.
    • Communicate unique barriers and challenges faced by young women of color, and best practices to support.
    • Identify how we can be better allies preventatively and understand how OUSD & State policies/laws support students.


    Becoming Adult Allies to Our Students & Disrupting Adultism x Racism

    Facilitators: Citlali Espinoza (Student Engagement Specialist) & ACC Student Leader

    Participant Level: Emerging & Developing, all welcome!


    • Understand and begin deconstructing the internalization of adultism and provide tools and resources through which adults can learn how to be responsible and effective allies to youth.
    • Assess what student engagement in decision making spaces looks like and begin to explore ways to move to student empowerment work.


    Immigration Justice x Racial Justice in Our Schools

    Facilitators: Jehan Hakim (Equity - Arab American Student Achievement); Stephanie Noriega & Nate Dunstan (ELLMA)

    Participant Level: Emerging & Developing


    • Develop a deeper understanding of how immigration and policies impact OUSD students and school communities.
    • Identify what we can to be better allies/advocates and be more mindful of what our OUSD students and communities are holding.


    Racial & Restorative Justice 

    Facilitators: David Yusem, Denise Curtis (Restorative Justice)

    Participant Level: Emerging, Developing & Practicing


    • Participants will learn about Restorative Justice philosophy in Oakland's schools.
    • Participants will understand the connection between racial justice and restorative justice.


    Pandemic of Racism: How Does White Supremacy Show Up In Our Schools?

    Facilitator: Raquel Jimenez (Equity), Susan Andrien (Behavioral Health)

    Participant Level: Emerging 


    • Build a common understanding of our shared legacy of oppression, white supremacy and its impact on our thinking, actions, and work as anti-racist educators.  
    • Ground in how schools have intertwined with centuries of racial discrimination. 


    Equity Traps: Developing Counter-Strategies

    Facilitator: Lailan Sandra Huen (Equity), Priscilla Parchia (Expanded Learning)

    Participant Level: Emerging, Developing


    • Explore the most common ‘equity traps’ in schools that are shaped by racist belief systems.
    • Develop mindfulness around how these show up in Oakland schools and how we can interrupt these behaviors.
    • Share experiences in small groups to collaboratively develop counter-strategies to show up for racial justice.


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