• ACC Campaigns

    Throughout the academic year, our All City Council Student Leaders engage in numerous campaigns. These campaign priorities are decided by the General Board with input from students across the district. Priorities are decided at the first All City Council High School Meeting, where any high school student may register and attend. 


    Below you can read about ACC's 2021-2022 campaign priorities.

    To hear more about this year's work, you may also read ACC's past newsletters HERE.


    ACC's 2022-2023 priorities will be released in the Fall of this year.

  • ACC Campaign Descriptions


    Oakland Youth Vote:

    16 and 17 year olds have fought for the right to vote in their local school board elections in Oakland. Given this new policy, ACC young people will engage in a campaign to ensure that logistics around voting are taken care of, that students have access to voter curriculum and voter registration, and that young people are being mobilized to turnout to the polls in November of 2022! CLICK HERE to learn more about OYV. 


    As of the Spring of 2022, ACC and the Oakland Youth Vote Coalition have been engaging in a voter registration campaign in OUSD's high schools. 

    Text stating Oakland Youth Vote at 16 for School Board

    Student Mental Health:

    Young people across Oakland have faced and continue to face a mental health crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic and isolation that followed. The transition back to in person classes is not an easy one, as young people have faced financial troubles, loss of loved ones, mental health issues, among so many other things. Given this reality ACC young people identified Mental Health as an important focus for this school year.

    Covid-19 Safety and Prevention:

    Student’s also identified Covid-19 related education around protocols and vaccines as an important piece of work for this school year. They expressed a particular interest in ensuring accountability from numerous actors including the school board, teachers, administrators, and students.