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    The Healthy Oakland Kids & Teens Curriculum is delivered each school year in grades 5-9. Each grade level receives age appropriate information based on California state guidelines.

    • 9th Grade Sex Ed Week takes place in the fall (usually in November) and the series of 10 lessons are taught by trained Biology and ELA teachers.
    • Middle School Puberty Health & Sex Ed Weeks take place in the spring (usually in March) and the lessons are delivered by trained middle school Science teachers.
    • 5th Grade Puberty Health Week takes place in the winter (usually in January) and the lessons are delivered by trained 5th grade teachers.


    Teachers: For information on when you will receive training on the Healthy Oakland Kids or Healthy Oakland Teens curriculum, please contact Katie Kelly-Hankin TSA for Sexual Health Education at katie.kelly-hankin@ousd.org.


    Teacher Feedback on Healthy Oakland Teens PD:

    I feel prepared to teach my 5th graders about puberty after completing this training. Thank you for a job well done!”

    -5th Grade Teacher after completing Puberty Health Professional Development (PD)


    Honestly, best PD I've ever had.”

    -9th Grade Teacher after completing Comprehensive Sex Ed PD


    “I think the curriculum is incredibly comprehensive”

    -Middle School Teacher after completing Puberty & Comprehensive Sex Ed PD


    "The PD was very helpful to me as a new teacher. I feel confident about what I need to do to prepare for these lessons, how to be more inclusive in my classroom, and where to go for help. Thank you!!"

    -New Teacher after completing Consent & Harassment PD


    "Excellent curriculum. Valuable. Relevant. Needed."

    -Middle School teacher after completing Consent & Harassment PD


    "Wonderful training from the sex ed department once again! These are my favorite trainings. I learned so much and always feel confident teaching these lessons because the teacher-facing resources are so comprehensive. The 5th Grade inclusive lessons have made such a difference in my classroom culture. Really looking forward to building community with these middle school lessons."

    - Former 5th Grade teacher/ current Middle School Teacher after completing Consent & Harassment PD  


    "Thank you for such an enriching PD concerning these very important issues...I feel equipped to guide my students in better understanding these issues and empowering them!"

    - Middle School Teacher after completing Consent & Harassment PD    



    Montera Middle School teachers get ready for Middle School Sex Ed Weeks