• FAQs About Our Curriculum



    Who delivers the curriculum at each grade level?

    • 5th grade: Healthy Oakland Kids is delivered by 5th Grade Classroom teachers
    • 6th-8th grade: Healthy Oakland Teens and Healthy Oakland Kids is delivered by Science Teachers and Special Education Teachers
    • 9th grade: Healthy Oakland Teens is delivered by Biology teachers, English teachers and Special Education Teachers


    What training do instructors receive?

    All teachers who deliver the OUSD Healthy Oakland Teens and Healthy Oakland Kids curricula are required to complete an intensive training with our team’s expert trainers in the  content and skills necessary for delivering inclusive and medically accurate sexual health information. The training includes information for teachers on gender, sexual orientation, cultural responsiveness, recognizing and avoiding bias in sexual education, as well as skills practice in answering student questions. Teachers who deliver the Healthy Oakland Kids and Healthy Oakland Teens content are also offered ongoing coaching opportunities with the TSA for Sexual Health Education.

    What content is covered in each grade level?

    View the curriculum overview here. If you are a parent or guardian wishing to view any grade band of the curriculum in-full, please contact your child's science teacher, or contact Katie Kelly-Hankin at katie.kelly-hankin@ousd.org to arrange an appointment to view the curriculum.

    Is the curriculum accessible for Newcomer students and students in Special Education?

    OUSD has created modified versions of the Healthy Oakland Teens and Healthy Oakland Kids curricula for use with students in Special Education. Additional resources, including a Bilingual English/Spanish version of the curriculum are available to support Newcomers and ELL students.


    Can schools and districts outside of OUSD utilize the Healthy Oakland Teens curriculum?

    OUSD is pleased to share the Healthy Oakland Teens curriculum with external public schools and districts, however each external school or district is responsible for ensuring that their instructors receive appropriate training prior to delivering the curriculum. To request use of the curriculum, please contact Katie Kelly-Hankin at katie.kelly-hankin@ousd.org.