• Health Education at Every Grade Level

    K-5 Health Education

    Healthy Oakland Kids is Oakland Unified School District’s comprehensive Health Education Curriculum for elementary age students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

    CA Board of Ed logoHealthy Oakland Kids covers the six core content areas detailed in the

    Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools and the

    California Health Education Framework


    About K-5 Health Education Curriculum

    The Healthy Oakland Kids Curriculum was created and designed specifically for OUSD and its students to provide one lesson per content area at each grade level. 

    The sequence of each lesson builds on prior year’s lessons to ensure that each student develops meaningful skills that promote mental, physical, and social health.

  • Oakland Unified School District Board Policy 5030

    The Oakland Unified School District recognizes that health education is of equal importance to that of core elements of the curriculum, and therefore shall be enforced with the same rigor. Health education should build resiliency and foster the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that students need in order to lead healthy, productive lives. The district shall provide a planned, sequential health education curriculum for students in grades K-12 that is research-based and age appropriate. The content of health instruction shall be offered in accordance with law, Board policy, and the Health Education and Content Standards for California Public Schools, Grades K-12.


    The Board intends for health education to be part of a comprehensive district program to promote the health and well-being of students and staff. Instruction in health-related topics shall be supported collaboratively by OUSD Departments, school sites, and external partners. The District shall make every effort to provide regular professional development for teachers and staff on how to best support this learning during the instructional day. 


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