• For OUSD Families

    Viewing the Curriculum

    To learn more about the Healthy Oakland Kids and Healthy Oakland Teens programs, you can reference these two helpful resources available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Khmer and Chinese:



    If you are a parent or guardian wishing to view the Healthy Oakland Teens or Healthy Oakland Kids curriculum in-full, please contact your child's Science teacher, or Katie Kelly-Hankin at katie.kelly-hankin@ousd.org to arrange an appointment to view the curriculum.



    Talking to Your Child or Teen At Home

    Did you know? In a national survey, teens reported that their parents have the greatest influence on their decisions about sex, more than friends, siblings or other media. Check out the resources below for more information about topics to discuss with your child or teen at different ages, books and websites to help with your conversations and how to be an “Askable” parent or caregiver.


    Talking to your Child or Teen about Puberty, Sexual Health & Safety

    This image shows a slide deck titled "Talking to Your Child or Teen about Puberty, Sexual Health and Safety"


  • Parent/Caregiver Notification & Rights

    Parents and guardians are notified that their child will be receiving comprehensive sexual health education at least two weeks prior to the start of instruction.


    Parents and guardians have the right to opt their child out of instruction by writing a note or email to their child’s teacher.


    Parents and guardians can view all sexual health materials by arranging a preview with their child’s teacher or with the Teacher on Special Assignment for Sexual Health Education for the District, Kelly Katie-Hankin.