• I am Ana Vasquez Coleman and have worked in Oakland Unified for the past 20 years.  I began my career as a high school academic counselor and moved into administration.  I am a first generation born in the US, high school graduate and college graduate. I am passionate about being an educator and work consistently to interrupt inequities, hold high expectations, advocate and provide a landscape of opportunities and access for student improvement and acceleration.  

    At Think College Now, I am confident that with a clear vision, we can achieve great things for our community and students.  We can work together productively to continue to grow our instruction and improve outcomes for all students.  We are dedicated to creating a safe and joyful learning experience. 

    I am committed to partnering with our community- families, staff and community members- to provide the best elementary experience possible for our students.  At Think College Now, we expect our students to practice our Core Values to help them navigate and gain the academic and social skills necessary to become compassionate, productive and contribute to enhance their community, their lives and the world they live in.  

Last Modified on April 11, 2022