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    Boys of Color 1


    Transformative Social Emotional Learning with PreK-5 Boys of Color

    Tuesdays 4-6pm on Zoom: March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 11 & 18




    PreK-5 educators will use inquiry to explore transformative social emotional learning (SEL) practices to support the development, achievement, foundation-building and thriving of early childhood and elementary boys of color.


    Session 1: Young Boys of Color and Identity
    Session 2: Young Boys of Color and Collaboration
    Session 3: Young Boys of Color and Agency
    Session 4: Young Boys of Color and Belonging
    Session 5: Young Boys of Color and the Power of Curiosity
    Session 6: Sharing Our Critical Inquiry Group Learnings


    FYI this series will be recorded & videos made available on this page.



    FACILITATORS (See Bios Below)

    CRUZ JAUREGUI, SEL & Restorative Justice Program Director

    MYLES ASUELO, SEL & Restorative Justice Communications Director

    JAMAL MUHAMMAD, African American Male Achievement


    Join this Series to Learn Together & Apply to Our Practices in Schools!


    This series is designed to be taken altogether so that participants can build on knowledge and engage in inquiry together around how to bring the learnings into practice in schools.  Workshops will lift up student voice, provide activities that can be used to engage boys and young men of color, and deepen our understanding of their needs, hopes and dreams.


    FYI sessions will be recorded.


    Compensation for OUSD Staff:


    OEA Members can submit timesheet hours upon completion of the series in the Exit Ticket for payment at the Professional Development rate, OR submit to your Talent representative for Professional Growth Units for advancement on the salary scale.



    If you are an SEIU or AFSCME Member and this is outside of your contracted hours, regular workday schedule, or mandated professional development hours, you can submit an overtime request with the approval of your supervisor by completing the Overtime Form online:

    • Please list Raquel Jimenez - Office of Equity Executive Director as the approver.
    • You will be compensated at your hourly rate.


    Facilitator BIOS:


    Jose “Cruz” Jauregui has spent the past six years in the education sector, providing mentorship and counseling to middle and high school students in the Oakland Unified School District. In 2016, he designed and implemented the first Restorative Justice program in a military school setting. The goal of the program was to support transformative justice, youth advocacy, and civic engagement.  Jose Cruz was born and raised in Oakland, California. He earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University.


    Myles Asuelo has worked in education since 2014 and has served at six sites across Oakland Unified School District and Alameda County Office of Education. He specializes in high-stakes dialogue, violence prevention, and trauma-informed support through mindfulness and breathwork. In 2017, he was brought on to co-pilot the Restorative Justice Program at Oakland Military Institute, and has also facilitated restorative justice at Ralph Bunche Academy.  He was born in the East Bay and raised in Hercules, California. He earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University. 


    Jamal Muhammad serves as a Targeted Specialist for OUSD Office of Equity's African American Male Achievement program and is a proud native of Richmond, CA. He has worked in the service of youth and families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in roles ranging from classroom teacher, case manager, coaching and in the foster care system.


    For more information, please contact: 

    Lailan Sandra Huen, lailan.huen@ousd.org

    OUSD Office of Equity


    This learning series is open and free to all OUSD staff and community partners who serve OUSD students!  External allies must register by emailing lailan.huen@ousd.org.


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    SPRING 2022 Secondary Series:




    Please join us for a professional learning series focused on supporting educators working with Young Men of Color through evidence-based transformative social emotional learning (SEL) practices to eliminate disproportionate outcomes for young men of color in our public schools.


    SEL Young Men Flyer 1


    Building the Web of Relationships 

    Create authentic relationships and increase students’ motivation by structuring your lessons and activities in ways that help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. 


    Invisible Elements of Human Connection 

    Create a classroom and school environment where young men of color can come together and innovate through science-based principles and real world examples.


    Mastering Energy & Self-Efficacy

    Deepen your students’ capacity to socialize, work in teams, and solve problems together through evidence-based self awareness and self efficacy practices. 


    Developing Growth Mindset 

    Empower your students to activate their full academic potential, learn new skills, and achieve a sense of purpose. 


    Transforming the Web & Ourselves

    Use communication skills to build networks that support health, longevity and academic success for young men of color in and beyond schools.  Help social-emotional learning spread through the whole community so everyone can play their part in the reinvention process.