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    The purpose of the Program Planning Tool is for after-school lead agencies, site coordinators and school-day Principals to meet, discuss, and plan after-school program design for the following year. The tool takes into account what the school's site-specific plan is, and helps the lead agency determine how to translate that into their program. This helps support district initiatives as well as site academic expectations.


    Beyond academic collaboration between school day and after-school, the Tool provides a way for agencies to share what the enrichment and recreation elements of their program will look like and ensures the agency is grant compliant. The Assurances Section gives permission to, and confirms that, the needs of the principal and the site coordinator are met, the district initiatives have been embedded, and guarantees agencies are grant compliant.


    The Tool provides Discussion Prompts that frame the conversation between the lead agency and the principal. These prompts are designed to ensure the success of their partnership and as a result, the quality of the program.


    The Budget gives Lead Agencies space to create line items that speak to how they will allocate the grant funding in order to provide quality programming.





    Below you'll find a sample version of the Program Planning Tool. You can access your site's Program Planning Tool packet in Quip.