Additional Supports

  • Individualized Care Plan

    We are prioritizing individual care and communication with students and families throughout this transition. Family engagement specialists from the Office of Equity and Student Welcome Center, along with partners from Behavioral Health, are responding at sites directly to provide detailed information and care for students and families affected by these school changes. Specialized one-on-one support is also offered from central office staff in our Special Education and Newcomer departments.



    After the Enrollment Process is complete and we know which school each student and their family have chosen for the upcoming school year - also known as the Welcoming School - we will work with staff, students, and families to determine program enhancements that the school community would like to provide above the regular programming. Possible areas for deeper investment include such things as arts, academic and social emotional support, extracurricular and enrichment opportunities, and enhanced family engagement.



    To accommodate students at the Welcoming Schools we have mapped out the available seats and spaces in our schools. We will need to expand some grade levels at Welcoming Schools, increasing the enrollment to these school sites. We will have classrooms ready for the incoming students. As we reinvest funds in Welcoming Schools, families may notice the changes as we enter the 2022-23 school year. These plans may include campus beautification through investment in more green spaces, improved physical play spaces, and other visual and comfort enhancements.