COVID Guideline Updates

  • OUSD Updates its COVID Protocols Based on the Latest State/County Guidance 
    After the CDC updated its guidance at the end of December, it took California and Alameda County a few days to update their guidance (which is what school districts follow).

    The key updates are as follows:

    • Isolation period for positive cases: Staff and students may now return to work/school on day 6 after the 5-day isolation period with a negative rapid test taken on day 5, and as long as there is no fever and any symptoms are improving. At home rapid antigen tests may be used for this purpose. This applies for individuals who may currently be isolating.


    • Quarantine period for staff exposures: Unvaccinated staff who are in prolonged close contact to an individual who tested positive may still return to work/school on day 8 after the 7-day quarantine period with a negative test. Staff who are fully vaccinated and booster-eligible but not boosted do not quarantine but need a negative test within 3-5 days of exposure. No quarantine period is required for non-symptomatic staff who are either (i) fully vaccinated and not booster-eligible or (ii) fully vaccinated and boosted.


    • Rapid and pooled testing: Pooled testing is not as effective in periods of high transmission. The District has reprioritized outside testers (that had been doing pooled testing) to focus on rapid testing with classrooms that have known positives. If time is available, these testers will administer pooled tests in classrooms without known positives. The District will refocus on pooled testing when community transmission rates decrease. If you have not yet registered to have your child test on campus, please do so with the links below:


    • Modified quarantine: Based on the latest county guidance, all non-vaccinated K-8 students exposed in a class will be put on modified quarantine regardless of the number of cases in the class. (Previously, all non-vaccinated students in a class with 3+ cases would be sent home and directed to quarantine for 7 days.) There is no adjustment to pre-school and high school quarantines following a positive case (non-vaccinated students exposed at school to even one individual who is positive continue to be sent home and directed to quarantine for 7 days.) Additionally, on-site testing for modified quarantine will be offered at elementary and middle schools on a pre-scheduled, consistent date. Given the current high demand for modified quarantine testing, OUSD currently has the capacity to offer such testing onsite at least once a week. As students in modified quarantine need to test twice within seven days, students need to get their second test administered at an OUSD hubcommunity hub, or their healthcare provider.

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