• Student Director Reports 2021-22

    At every school board meeting, our student directors provide a Student Director Report (submitted or verbal) sharing updates around All City Council (ACC) events, issues coming up for OUSD students, research/data collected, updates on ACC campaigns, and more! To provide the OUSD community with updates around these reports, our Student Directors would like to share both their slide decks as well as their talking points as they want to increase transparency around what they are hearing from their peers.


    February 9, 2022 Student Director Report - In this report, the Student Directors share back on community's reactions around school consolidation vote on 2/8 as well as updates from students who led the sickout/strike at the beginning of this semester around COVID safety concerns. The Student Directors also invited some of their peers to discuss updates on OYV and how OUSD can support the implementation of it. Lastly, this report included engagement opportunities for middle and high school student leaders during ACC's bi-monthly meetings.


    SPECIAL BOARD MEETING February 8, 2022 - Student Director Pal's and Student Director Gallegos-Chavez's comments during Board Comment around school closures/consolidations.


    January 26, 2022 Student Director Report - The Student Directors shared verbal updates. In these updates, they shared out data on how students have been feeling around returning to school this Semester as well as what students needed to feel comfortable during the increase of COVID cases. Director Gallegos also shared updates on the ACC Middle School Meeting that was hosted on 1/25. In addition, Director Pal shared students' feelings on School Consolidation as well as asks to the Board.


    January 12, 2022 Student Director Report - During the 1st school board meeting of the new year, our Student Directors brought to the board their concerns and OUSD students' concerns around COVID safety and the increased cases over the Winter Break. They further brought attention to the student petition that was being circulated and students' list of demands. They also shared out information about the January High School Meeting that ACC hosted.


    November 17, 2021 Student Director Report - In this report, the Student Directors shared a video created by Dewey Academy students urging their peers to get vaccinated against COVID 19. The Student Directors also shared data from a survey they shared with the Alternative Ed schools to hear students' experiences with the vaccine and how they feel about COVID protocols. The Student Directors also shared information about ACC's middle school meeting in December. Lastly, they reported back updates on COVID Safety & Prevention, Mental Health and reported back on the Sexual Assault/ Harassment work students at Oakland Tech began doing. 


    October 27, 2021 Student Director Report - The Student Directors shared out their experience participating in a Custodial Walkthrough at Oakland High with district leaders. Additionally, the Student Directors shared back updates on both the Middle School and High School meetings that All City Council hosted prior to this board meeting. 


    October 13, 2021  Student Director Report - In this report, the Student Directors shared their reflections from the Vaccine Concerns Conversation that was hosted by OUSD to hear families' concerns around the COVID vaccine. They also shared updates on ACC's check in with Custodial Services around school cleanliness. Finally, they announced the launch of ACC's Newsletter and upcoming ACC middle school and high school engagement opportunities.


    September 22, 2021 Student Director Report - The Student Directors shared information about the Community Conversations around COVID vaccine, reported back COVID safety concerns from students at Fremont and Life Academy, and shared updates from the September ACC High School Meeting.


    August 25, 2021 Student Director Report - Student Directors shared with the community how to get tested through OUSD Primary, reported back on how students are feeling during the first few weeks of school in regards to COVID safety, and updates related to ACC events and special elections.


    August 11, 2021 Student Director Report - This year's student directors' 1st school board meeting where they introduce themselves and report back on the Principal's Leadership Institute they participated in.

Student Directors pictured alongside other members of the board.